Fire pump is the heart of fire water supply system

Fire pumps can be used as liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water and foam solutions. This shows the importance of fire pumps. Many people just superficially recognize the role of the fire pump, but are ignorant of the choice of the right type of fire pump. Here's to introduce how to cor

The purge soldier instantly

Everyone has three hurries. The toilet is an indispensable building for a house. However, if the toilet is blocked, it can be a headache. We will all go and think about which wall to write some smearing phone numbers, and the general pollution-sucking frien

Functional description of aerial vehicles

Whenever you are bored and walking on the road, do you have a curiosity about the bright street lights, it is high on the road for the vehicles and the crowd to illuminate the way home, then when he extinguished how it was regained Bright? Sweeping roads ha

Sichuan Province builds a new system of assured grain a…

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Food is the basis for human survival and development. The governments of the dynasties of the Chinese dynasties have put food security issues at the forefront, and they are regarded as a prosperous scene. On June 23, the 2016 National Food Safety Publicit

·North China Expressway enables drones to shoot violat…

From June 20th to June 24th, the traffic control departments of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other six provinces and municipalities will carry out highway area linkage rectification actions in the North China area. This is a regional action uniformly deployed by the

Circuit board three anti-paint protectant

The three anti-paint is a one-component, low-viscosity acrylic resin, and the PCB circuit board three anti-paint (X-360) is a one-component, low-viscosity acrylic resin. Simple operation: It is suitable for brushing, spraying, dip coating, shower coating and other processes.

What are the pesticide residue detection instruments?

Pesticide residue is one of the important indicators of the quality and safety of agricultural products. With the improvement of China's life approval and economic level, people are particularly concerned about the safety of agricultural products. The state also attaches great importa

From the 9L to 13L Corso engine where?

Dongfeng cooperates with Renault dCi11, Shangchao cooperates with Hino P11C, Shaanxi Auto cooperates with Cummins ISM11, Sinotruk cooperates with Mann MC11, and independent brands FAW Xicui CA6DM.....thinks carefully, these engines have One thing in common: The displacements are all 11L, and