India has become a new position for domestic LED compan…

As LED lighting applications mature, emerging markets are accelerating the introduction of LED lighting. Emerging markets are a new continent targeted by domestic LED export companies. In emerging markets, India, as the second largest country in the world, has an economic growth rate and market volu

Rock Drilling Technology Leading

Galvanized Filter Cage is the framework which used for supporting the Filter Bag in the dust collector, it also known as bone cage or skeleton.Filter Cage according to different diameter size, u

Aeolus Tire Brand Value Breaks Through 10 Billion

On June 25th, 2014, the “World Brand Lab” of international authoritative brand research institutes released the 2014 (11th) “China's 500 Most Valuable Brands” list in Beijing. Fengshen Tire’s brand value increased to RMB 10.068 billion. Ranked No. 197, comp

Grain processing industry added "drying tool"

On July 12, Anhui Jinxi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference in Hefei to launch the company's fourth-generation dryer. The new models have significantly improved in technical performance. The drying speed is faster and shorter, and they can meet the needs of cust

Zhongheng Power Luchuan diesel generators safe for the …

Zhong Heng Luchuan diesel generators how to safe summer Many users are still unfamiliar with the knowledge of diesel seasonal changes. Correct diesel engines can increase their service life. Weifang Huaquan Dynamic teaches you some knowledge about the diesel season change. 1. Rotate the oil indic

· Tesla and China Merchants Bank to carry out car loan…

Tesla will cooperate with China Merchants Bank. From June 3, Model S's Chinese subscribers can purchase cars through China Merchants Bank, with a minimum down payment of 30% and a maximum of 4 years. Tesla currently sells three Model S models in China, of which the 60kWh version starts at RMB