How to buy a used car?

If the economic capacity is limited and you cannot afford to buy a new car, you may also consider a used car. The price of used cars is much cheaper than that of new cars, and some used cars are very well maintained. There is no problem when using them. Buy

How to choose 7 home commercial vehicles

With the development of our society, the ordinary five-seater car has become increasingly unable to meet our needs. This has led many car owners to turn their attention to a seven-seat home business vehicle . Two people, and the car has more space. So when

Guowu Dongfeng Dollyka Sprinkler

Guowu Dongfeng Dollyka sprinkler chassis configuration, D7 front cab, white, wheelbase 3800, cab 2030 single-row chassis, engine CY4SK251 (115kw), 6-speed gearbox, front and rear axle 2.2/4.2, tires 7.50R16 Wire tire, moving, breaking air brake, clutch assist, ABS. The outer dimensions of the t

Anhui Swiping Wing Gate Technology Application

Anhui Swiping Wing Gate is an upgraded product of the intelligent three-roll gate and swing gate. The device's shape is stamped and formed of stainless steel. The model is elegant in appearance, rust-proof and durable, and it adopts standard electrical interfaces for external use. Widely favore

How to identify difficult accident used cars

In the last issue, we talked about some simple ways to identify accidental used cars. We must have known about the appearance and methods of identifying used cars. Today we teach you how to identify high-accident accidents. We hope to help. The owner of the