How to choose the pneumatic rock drill correctly in und…

The impact energy of the existing rock drill , the gas leg type is about 6~8kg·m; the impact frequency is no more than 2000 times/min for the hand-held type, the air leg type is not more than 2600 times/min, and the upward type is not more than 3500 times/min. The type can reach 4000 times/min; t

SOFEC has received orders for turret mooring system

Recently, MODEC announced that its subsidiary SOFEC has received a contract from TechnipFMC and JGC joint venture to supply the turret mooring system for the Coral South FLNG project led by Eni. The contract primarily provides engineering, procurement and construction for the main internal turret m

Stage transportation lane - stage height

The vertical distance between the two adjacent transport lanes is called the stage height. Stage height is an important parameter for underground mining. The main factors affecting the height of the stage are: (1) Geological factors. The dip angle and thickness of the ore body, the stability of the

[Meter's Latest Patent] An Intelligent Water Meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we introduce a national patent for invention—an intelligent water meter. The patent was applied for by Zhengzhou Student Bao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and was authorized to be announced on July 1

Independent innovation Yuchai's green power R&D…

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group actively promoted the deep integration of a new generation of information technology with traditional manufacturing, and created an upgraded version of Yuchai's manufacturing technology. Relying on independent innovation, enterprises have taken the lead in t

Pioneering technology

The basic task of underground mine development design is to determine the location and development system of the main mine shaft. The location of the main shaft affects the positional relationship between the mining industry site and the plant, and has a close relationship with internal and externa

·China Hengrui cooperates with carbon fiber expert Sig…

Carbon fiber expert Sigmatex and China Hengrui plan to focus on cooperation in the Asian automotive market. British carbon fiber (CF) specialist Sigmatex has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China's Hengrui Company (HRC) to jointly produce automotive carbon fiber components. â€

Application and Analysis of Database Management System …

Shandak open-air copper-gold mine after nearly a decade of mining, ore production management is also improving. However, at present, the mine has entered deep mining, and the effective area of ​​the working steps is getting less and less. The negative change of the step ore leads to a

Only once a year for oil xichai goes against the sky

Change your oil once a year? Yes! You are not mistaken. According to the current state of the light truck market, most of the light trucks travel about 40,000 kilometers per year on average. The long oil change technology developed by Xichai for light trucks can meet the annual oil change cy

The role of transformer core (2)

As a transformer core, a 0.35mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is generally used. According to the required size of the iron core, it is cut into a shape sheet and then overlapped into a "Japanese" shape or an "I" shape. In theory, if the eddy current is r