How to Reduce Maintenance Costs for LED Light Drivers

With the emergence of various high-tech models on new models that have been introduced in recent years, people have found that the configuration of cars is getting more and more exciting and attracting more and more attention. However, slowly, many owners began to discover that these high-

Where to move CRM? The three major trends are irreversi…

Cloud computing and the popularity of the mobile Internet, coupled with the development of mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, the tide of enterprise-class mobile informationization seems to have entered the state of full-scale resistance war in mobile office applications o

Is it possible to determine the absolute water content …

The so-called gravity method is to determine the absolute water content of an object. Can we use this gravity method to determine the absolute water content of soil? In fact, our measuring instrument measures the absolute water content of the soil, and the value represented by the gravity method is

Car beauty knowledge

The beauty and maintenance of the car is divided into two parts: the body and the interior. The following small series introduces the specific steps of car cleaning and maintenance from these two aspects. Body Washing Step 1: Car Wash. Clean body dirt. The second step: waxing. Apply a la

Qiqing Chemical Co., Ltd. Annually Produces 20,000 Tons…

China Drying Net On July 27, Dezhou City, another investment attraction project, was officially signed by Leling Qiqing Chemical to produce 20,000 tons of organic alcohol. City leaders E Hongda, Liu Shichang, and Sun Hongkui attended the signing ceremony. It is understood that Leling Qiqing Chemic

Japan's bearing trade remained stable

In June, Japan's bearing exports reached 39.233 billion yen, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year, with ball bearings exporting 15.964 billion yen, down 1.3% year-on-year; rolling bearing exports 12.955 billion yen, up 0.2% year-on-year; bearing unit exports 701 million yen , an increase o

Global demand for fasteners will grow steadily

According to the relevant research report, the global industrial fastener market demand in 2011 was USD 65.5 billion. By 2018, this figure will reach USD 94.65 billion, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 5.4%. The economic development in countries such as China, Brazil, an

Wreckers how to use boom

Wreckers do not have a lot of opportunities to lift vehicles with booms. They are generally used on uneven roads or on difficult grounds. Its working procedures mainly include the following aspects: 1, select the parking space. When the wrecker arrives at

Turning operation safety technical requirements

First, the operating safety requirements of turning 1. Put on overalls and long hair in a hair cap. Do not wear gloves for operation. 2. The loading and unloading of the chuck on the lathe spindle must be performed after the machine is stopped. Do not use the power of the motor to r