Heavy air pollution in parts of our country

Since March 15th, due to the adverse spread of meteorological conditions and dusty weather, heavy air pollution has occurred in some areas of our country. On March 15th, there were 25 cities with serious and above pollution. On March 16th, there were 20 cities with serious and above pollution. On Ma

·Qingdao Power Supply Company upgrades and refits elec…

From January 7th to 25th, the State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company organized technical personnel to carry out technical improvement on the replacement equipment of the Yan'an one-way charging and replacement power station, and the safety and full automation rate of the power-changing equipme

· Domestic tires are subject to the transfer of US dou…

After the US Department of Commerce’s preliminary ruling found that China’s light trucks and passenger tires exported to the United States had dumping and subsidies and increased tariffs, on January 29, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce publicly responded at the press conference, argui

Paper package change

In 2014, the paper packaging industry in China was quite uncomfortable. It experienced the breakdown, running, and acquisition of sub-companies, the rise of the carton industry in the central and western regions, and the increase in meager profits caused by rising production costs. As an important y

· Shell officially announced the abandonment of Arrow&…

It is reported that due to the plunge in crude oil prices, Royal Dutch Shell (RoyalDutchShell) has officially announced the abandonment of more than 20 billion US dollars worth of liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Queensland. Shell Global President Ben Van Beurden said that Arrow's LNG pr

·2015 Foshan brand or the first in the province

The "car limit" that Shenzhen suddenly announced before New Year's Day has received much attention. In Foshan, the auto trading market and online forums, the discussion on the topic of limited licensing is still continuing. The local industry and the public are more concerned about th

The mainstay of security in the future

Today's common intelligent identification technologies include: 1, dual-track automatic tracking: intelligent analysis camera plus ordinary fast ball. It can be applied to urban police emergency plans. Incident object tracking. 2. Flow statistics: The number of people entering and exiting the

All-round development of drying equipment enters rapid …

China's more and more types of drying equipment products At present, the improvement of China's domestic technological content of drying equipment is producing exciting results. Through technological competition and comprehensive development strategies, the development of drying equipment