Intelligent vacuum pump features and advantages

The so-called "intelligent vacuum pump," as the name suggests is intelligent, automated vacuum pump. Generally refers to the integrated sensor, vacuum gauge, microcontroller and other monitoring system of miniature vacuum pump, miniature vacuum pump, miniature pump, vacuum pump can key parameters such as "vacuum (negative pressure)", "flow" and real-time, automatically adjust to Complete the general to build a more complex system to be completed, such as "vacuum packing", "automatic shutdown time, start", timing quantitative "vacuum suction filtration" and other functions.

Compared with the large vacuum pump tens, hundreds of kilograms of weight and large volume compared to intelligent vacuum pump weight and size are much smaller, or even can be said to be portable; it is often also called "smart vacuum instrument", "desktop vacuum pump "," Automatic vacuum pump "," portable vacuum pump. "

(1) You can adjust the vacuum required in the actual work, you can set and through the integrated digital LCD panel, "real-time" shows the current vacuum (negative pressure) value;
(2) flow rate can be adjusted;
(3) equipped with high sensitivity of imported sensors, high-quality flow control valve and precision control circuit to complete the "automatic adjustment" function, which greatly saves the developer's time and energy;
(4) Built-in low noise, long life miniature vacuum pump; with miniature air pump dedicated silencer system and independent damping system to ensure intelligent vacuum pump can work long time, low noise, reliable;
(5) The core components of a miniature vacuum pump, so inherited the micro-vacuum pump oil-free pollution-free operation can be continuous for 24 hours the advantages of a truly dry vacuum pump, so no maintenance, without lubricating oil and vacuum pump oil.
(6) AC 220V power supply, plug and play.

【Detailed introduction and example】
This intelligent vacuum pump is to achieve the purpose of automatically adjusting the degree of vacuum and flow through three unique modes of operation: interval, timing, and limit:

1. Interval operation mode can set the required upper and lower vacuum two values, when the pump reaches the upper limit of vacuum will automatically shut down, when the vacuum drops to the lower limit when the pump starts automatically.
Applications: vacuum packaging containers and other examples: If the use of intelligent vacuum pump ANB2005 (its maximum negative pressure -80kPa), to a closed container "vacuum packing", so that the negative pressure is always maintained at - 60kPa or so, you can set the upper limit of -55kPa, the lower limit of -65kPa, negative pressure within the container to reach the ceiling, the pump will automatically shut down; and then with the closed container itself to reduce the negative pressure leakage, below the lower limit, the pump will automatically Start, so that the negative pressure in the container to maintain the final -60kPa or so, to achieve the purpose of vacuum packing.

2. Timing mode can set the pump working time, after the set time after the pump automatically stop running. Allowed to set the maximum length of 99 hours 59 minutes, the shortest duration of 1 minute.
Applications: Vacuum time controllable (regular shutdown)
Example: To make a negative pressure in a closed container reaches -80KPA, use smart vacuum pump ANB2005 (its maximum negative pressure -80kPa [2]) to pump this container, if the container is small, for example, 1-2L, you can set the length of time Minute; on the contrary, you need to set the time longer. After the time, ANB2005 will automatically shut down.

3. Limit operating mode can be set to a vacuum ceiling value, when the pump reaches the vacuum level will automatically shut down.
Application example: set the vacuum threshold, automatic shutdown (quantitative negative pressure shutdown)
Example: Suppose that in an experiment, when the negative pressure in the container needs to reach -70KPA and the experimental result is the best, the upper limit of ANB2005 can be set to -70KPA, then the intelligent vacuum pump will automatically shut down when pumping to -70KPA to achieve the goal.

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