Qingyuan: The first special equipment in northern Guangdong broke through 10,000 prefecture-level cities

On April 21, Guangdong Province's special equipment integrated management system showed that the number of special equipment in the city was 10013, which exceeded 10,000 for the first time, and it became the first prefecture-level city in northern Guangdong where the listed special equipment entered Wantai. The rapid growth of the number of special equipment also highlights the rapid development of the city’s industrial economy from a single aspect. According to statistics, the number of registered special equipment in our city was 974 in 1991, 1137 in 1996, and less than 4,000 in 2004. Since 2004, however, the growth rate of registered special equipment in our city has increased significantly, reaching an average annual rate of more than 30%.
Faced with the sharp increase in the number of special equipment and the ever-increasing variety, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision has further emancipated the mind and boldly reformed. This year, a number of measures have been implemented to strengthen the supervision of special equipment safety. The first is the implementation of highly concentrated special equipment in Qingcheng District. Use equipment to focus on monitoring. The Qingcheng District will be divided into four regions according to the distribution of special equipment. Each year, it will focus on the implementation of a pull-type monitoring of an area, taking into account the other, to ensure that the monitoring does not leak dead angles, to complete 25% of the annual inspection targets. This year, 1200 pieces of equipment will be inspected in 300 units in the 300 cities including Yuantan, Zhouxin and Henghe. There have been a total of 184 personnel dispatched, 55 have been monitored, 380 have been monitored, and 27 instructions have been issued. Two cases were investigated and dealt with; the second was to decompose the annual monitoring task to the month and implement the daily monitoring monthly reporting system. The county-level quality supervision bureaus are required to report the daily monitoring situation of this month to the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau at the end of each month. The Qingyuan Municipal Bureau will notify the supervision of the supervision units on the dynamic online before the 10th of the following month to facilitate the city's system to keep abreast of the completion of routine inspections. Find problems and exchange experiences. Third, strengthen administration according to law, simplify procedures, and increase the efficiency of administrative licensing. Since the beginning of this year, 348 units (sets) have been notified of special equipment installation (relocation) maintenance, 636 units (sets) have been registered, 641 certificates of special equipment operators have been handled, and both have increased by more than 25% year-on-year; The superior deployment, in conjunction with Qingyuan's actual implementation of the year-round investigation of special equipment hidden dangers, focused on metallurgical cranes, “boiler boilers”, and key monitoring equipment, and was the first in the province to investigate the safety of the vehicle's lift.