Two-Gear Stereo Microscope St60n with Handle Easy Carry

  • Model NO.: ST60N
  • Type: Stereomicroscope
  • Mobility: Portable
  • Shape: Rectangular Prism
  • Principle: Optics
  • Feature: Education
  • Origin: China
  • Magnification: 50-100X
  • Number of Cylinder: Binoculars
  • Stereoscopic Effect: Stereoscopic Effect
  • Usage: Teaching
  • Function: Stereo Microscope
  • Trademark: OEM
  • HS Code: 9011100000
ST60 series zoom stereo microscope, good image quality, high resolution, large depth of field, wide field of view, clearly a wide range of long working distance, easy to operate and comfortable, with quality optics and durable and reliable operating mechanism. New design show the best resolution and true color images, to meet the modern biomedical research, modern electronics industry online testing and other technology industries such as high-precision requirements.

Two-Gear Stereo Microscope St60n with Handle Easy Carry
Two-Gear Stereo Microscope St60n with Handle Easy Carry
Drawtube: 45degree inclined, 360 degree rotatable of binocular, interpupilary distance:54-75mm.
Objectives: two-gear stereo microscope 2x/4x,1x/2xand 1x/3x
Working distance: long working distance: 100mm, provide more working place to user.
Focus arm: focus knob adjustable ,lift range 70mm. Screwdriver adjustable range:140mm

Objectives Eyepiece
WF10X/20 WF15X/15 WF20X/10 Working distance
magnification view field magnification view field magnification view field
1x 10x 20mm 15x 15mm 20x 10mm 100mm
2x 20x 10mm 30x 7.5mm 40x 5mm
3x 30x 7.5mm 45x 5mm 60x 3.3mm
4x 40x 5mm 60x 3.3mm 80x 2.5mm
Pillar high 330mm
Base size 200x270mm

Eyepieces: WF15X, WF20X
transmitted illumination Up/down LED illumination, adjustable brightness

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1. If the length of U-shaped Screw Chip Conveyor is less than 35m, it is a single-axis driving screw.

2. If the length of U-shaped screw Chip Conveyor is greater than 35m, it is a two-axis driving screw.

3. Ordinary carbon steel U-shaped screw chip conveyors - Mainly used in industries where cement, coal, stone, etc. wear out, and there are no special requirements for materials.

4.Stainless steel U-shaped screw chip conveyor - mainly applicable to food, chemical, food and other industries that have requirements for the delivery environment, cleanliness, and will not produce pollution on the material, the use of a long time, but the relatively high cost.

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