Va-48 Good Quality Best Price Factory Wholesale Family Use Commercial Mini Chicken Egg Incubator

  • Model NO.: VA-48
  • Condition: New
  • Working Lifetime: 3-5 Years
  • After-Sales Service Providede: Overseas Service Center Available
  • Packaging Detail: Wooden Package
  • Delivery Detail: Within 3-7 Days Once Payment Confirmed
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 8436210000
  • Brand Name: Vena Incubator Manufactory
  • Free Parts: Spare Parts for Free
  • Control Mode: Full Automatic
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Hatching Rate: ≥98%
  • Trademark: Vena incubator
  • Origin: Jiangxi

Good Quality Best Price Factory wholesale family use
commercial mini chicken  Egg Incubator Va-48

Chicken Egg Incubator Characteristic

It is suitable for families and specialized households to incubate chickens, birds, ducks and geese, etc.This incubator is produced under strict CE test and has good reputation from the peasants in the rural area,especially in eastern European countries. The incubator has the characteristics of strong practicality, Easy operation and long service life

Chicken Egg Incubator Product Function

1) Automatic egg turning for incubator 
2)High and low temperature alarm, high and low humidity alarm

3) Recorded days of incubation 

4) Add water outside with free water dropper

5) Lower cover is transparent, very easy to observe

6) Easy to operate. Automatic temperature control and automatic incubator display for temperature&humidity

Va-48 Good Quality Best Price Factory Wholesale Family Use Commercial Mini Chicken Egg Incubator


 1. Testing you unit for the first time:


1.1 Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.


1.2 Connect the provided power supply to the back of the unit and your power source.


1.3 Switch on your power source.


1.4 Switch your unit on.


1.5 You will hear an alarm sounding due to low temperature/humidity.


1.6 Press any of the green buttons to cancel the alarm.


1.7 By opening the incubator and filling the water channels you will notice the humidity


      reading increase.


1.8 Let the unit run for 2 hours to note the egg turner turning.


Incubator ,chicken incubator , egg incubator 


2. Setting the temperature


2.1 Push "SET" once.


2.2 Push "+" or "-" to select the desired temperature.


2.3 Push "SET" once more to exit.


- These incubators are factory set at 38oC, I found the chicks hatch at day 19 to 


  20 meaning the temperature being to high. Using the method as described


  above. I recommend you set the temperature at 37.6oC.


3. Temperature alarm parameter settings (AL and AH)


The temperature alarm is factory set to sound at 1oC over or below the set temperature. This is sufficient and you do not need to make any changes to these settings.


3.1 Low temperature alarm parameter setting. (AL)


3.1.1 Press and hold "SETT" for 3 sec.

3.1.2 Push "+" or "-" until code "AL" appears in the temperature screen.

3.1.3 Push  "SET"

3.1.4 Push "+" or "-" to adjust to your desired lower alarm setting.

3.2 Higher temperature alarm parameter setting (AH)

3.2.1 Press and hold "SETT" for 3 sec.

3.2.2 Push "+" or "-" until code "AH" appears in the temperature screen.

3.2.3 Push  "SET"


3.2.4 Push "+" or "-" to adjust to your desired higher alarm setting.


Incubator ,chicken incubator , egg incubator 


Va-48 Good Quality Best Price Factory Wholesale Family Use Commercial Mini Chicken Egg Incubator

FAQ of  Chicken Egg Incubator.


Q: First time to buy things online overseas, how can I believe that you would send incubator ?  


A: We are verified company by Alibaba and we have incubator SGS inspection certificate, for the first time cooperation , there's indeed trust problems between customers and suppliers , but don't worry , we accept ESCROW payment . In future incubator business cooperation , please consider T/T or western union as we know very well with each other and we are good partners and friends 


Q: How to ensure that I will receive the incubator without any shipping damage?  


A: First , we package is standard for shipping, before pick up , please confirm that goods are without damages, Another we've bought insurance for you, if there's any damages, we or ship company will  take  the responsibility.  


Q: How's the after-sell services for incubator ?    

A: Our Chicken Egg Incubator enjoys 3 years warranty,  Any problem, please contact us as soon as possible through email or phone (0086 15970636487) , we will make a response within 24 hours!  


Va-48 Good Quality Best Price Factory Wholesale Family Use Commercial Mini Chicken Egg Incubator









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