Big Tooth Co., Ltd. meticulously builds new products for light transmissions with annual production capacity of 100,000 units.

As one of the design and manufacturing units of China National Heavy Duty Truck light transmission gearbox, Grand Teeth Co., Ltd. establishes progress nodes from the R&D of products to the sales of products and clearly defines the division of responsibilities. As of now, the project has progressed rapidly. There are now five series of products that have completed the prototype and entered the road test, and some products have begun to supply in small quantities.

A new career, leadership personally. The General Manager of Grand Teeth Co., Ltd. personally arrested and organized several meetings organized by the relevant personnel of the Light Vehicle Transmission Division, Technical Center, and Sales Department to arrange the overall progress of the light-transmission gearbox in light of market demand and product development plans, and to study the deployment of production capacity. The work of the supplier system, market services, etc. laid the foundation for the completion of the light transmission mission.

Pre-procurement, go all out. According to the requirements of the project, apart from several major components, most of the light-duty gearboxes need to be outsourced to outsiders, with more than 700 varieties. The employees of the procurement system overcome the difficulties of having fewer personnel, tight schedules and heavy tasks. They have also traveled to and from the market and supplier manufacturers. The trips have been investigated and negotiated for nearly 10,000 metric miles, and the supplier’s ability to supply suppliers for key component suppliers has been completed. The procurement of key components has been ensured. task.

Design and manufacture, keep improving. From the design of the drawings, the preparation of process routes, the preparation of tooling, cutting tools, gages, to manufacturing, to the final assembly, bench test, and road test run, each point of the design and manufacture of the light transmission gearbox is interlocked with each other. .

In the self-made parts, the use of aluminum shells is a major highlight of the large-toothed company's light transmission, and it has also become a major advantage of market competition. In order to shorten the manufacturing cycle, before the blank arrives, the required tooling is designed in advance, scheduled in advance, and put in place in advance; the processing method of "two legs and one bed" is adopted in the process, and the traditional "six-point positioning" is changed to the positioning of "two pins and one side". , shortened the processing cycle; while reducing energy consumption, cutting tool costs alone reduced by more than 20 million.

Put on the battlefield, try to start a second venture. The light gearbox processing base in Dazuo New Factory will soon be completed and put into operation. Currently, the equipment tendering for some processing lines has been completed. Once the first phase of the project is completed, it will reach an annual production capacity of 100,000 light transmissions. In the overall relocation and upgrading of 2011, Grand Teeth strived to relocate its benefits, move out of the country, and move out of lean.

Industrial Electric Boiler

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Industrial Electric Boiler

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