Introduction to the working principle of stainless steel gear pump

The stainless steel gear pump must not be allowed to operate in the event of a broken material. Once it occurs, the rubber stator will instantly generate high temperatures and burn out due to dry friction. Therefore, the crusher is in good condition and the smooth flow of the grille is one of the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the screw pump. For this reason, some stainless steel gear pumps also have a shut-off device installed on the pump body. When a material break occurs, the stainless steel gear pump will stop working due to the self-priming function of the stainless steel gear pump. .

The stainless steel gear pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. When the outlet end is blocked, the pressure will gradually increase to exceed the predetermined pressure value. At this point, the motor load increases dramatically. The load of the related parts of the transmission machinery will also exceed the design value. In severe cases, the motor will be burned and the transmission parts will be broken. In order to avoid damage to the stainless steel gear pump, a bypass relief valve is generally installed at the outlet of the screw pump to stabilize the outlet pressure and maintain the normal operation of the pump. There are many types of stainless steel gear pumps on the market. Relatively speaking, the imported stainless steel gear pumps are of reasonable design and excellent materials. However, the prices are relatively high, some services are not in place, the accessories are expensive, and the long order period may affect production. The normal operation.

A tube tire will be stored in the inner tube of air, does not require precise contact between the tire and the rim. Even if the air pressure is low, do not worry about the tire will fall off the wheel, leading to leaks. Therefore, a tube tire is widely used in the use of rim and wire off-road vehicles and American cars.

Tubeless tires, which are often referred to as vacuum tires, are based on the special construction of the rim and the rim of the tire to seal the air inside the carcass. Even if this tire stabbed by foreign body, the air will not disappear immediately, and puncture repair is also very convenient, so loved by the Friends of the friction. In recent years, vacuum tires have also been gradually used in ordinary motorcycles.

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