Yuchai's new 6MK engine approved by old users

"I have great confidence in Yuchai's engine!"

This is the most pertinent phrase of Master Ma on the Yuchai Engine.

Master Ma, who is from Hubei, is responsible for coal mine transportation in the northwestern mining area. He currently owns a dump truck equipped with Yuchai's latest 6MK engine.

Although it has not been used for a long time, Master Ma is very satisfied with the performance of this Yuchai 6MK engine, and he is also very interested in comparing it with several Yuchai engines he has used before.

Old product: Quality accumulation

"My car is equipped with Yuchai's latest 375-horsepower 6MK engine. The power is very strong." Master Ma said his car while driving.

It was learned from the conversation that Master Ma was an old user of Yuchai's machinery. He used Yuchai's first 6105 and 6108 engine products 20 years ago and used the 6112 engine during the period. Later, Master Ma sold the old car, and in the recent years he re-purchased a truck carrying a Yuchai 6M engine to allow his son to operate. This year, he also purchased the dump truck equipped with Yuchai's latest 6MK engine.

"The earliest products of Yuchai 6105 and 6108 engines are the most stable and best quality products in the years. As long as the maintenance is used properly, there is no problem in using it for more than 10 years!" Speaking of Yuchai's products, Master Ma can be described as "Jia Chenzheng," "6112 series engine." I heard that it is the introduction of foreign Ford production technology, this model is more powerful fuel-efficient, superior performance on passenger cars and trucks on the road.6M models Well, in the low-speed torque, climbing ability, performance in acceleration performance than peer manufacturers The heavy machines are superior."

New Product: Power Upgrade

Although the old products are excellent, these models all belong to medium horsepower. In today's era of high efficiency and high efficiency in the pursuit of high horsepower and dynamics, the medium-horsepower engines do appear to be overstretched for large-scale mechanical vehicles.

However, the latest selection of Yuchai's 6MK model by Master Ma precisely meets the needs of today's transportation era. According to Master Ma, 6MK is the model he learned from Yuchai's largest horsepower series over the years—the cylinder diameter is 123mm and the total displacement is 10388 ml. “It feels more powerful than the 6M model. ."

In addition to the affirmation of power, Master Ma is also quite satisfied with fuel consumption. Master Ma calculated an economic account for the reporter. According to his car, under normal circumstances, more than 50 tons of coal was run on the road in the mining area. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 50 liters, compared with the domestic same-power engine. Fuel consumption is about 8% lower; if you run on a straight road, you should be more fuel efficient.

According to Yuchai's related staff, the 6MK model adopts a fuel-saving design with four valves per cylinder. The engine structure adopts an integral cylinder head, adhering to the biggest advantages and characteristics of Yuchai’s traditional product quality stability. Compared with several other series of Yuchai's engines, 6MK also adopts new technologies such as efficient reverse flow cooling. The engine can withstand explosion pressures of up to 220 bar, and engine temperature, engine oil consumption, and life expectancy all have better reliability.

“We all like Yuchai! The coal-carrying vehicles we see in this area, as well as the vehicles that build highways and take on engineering construction and transportation, are mostly carrying Yuchai engines.” Master Ma said, “besides strong power Yuchai's after-sales service is fast and thoughtful. For the engine problems in the mining area, the Yuchai service station has arrived at a timely solution. This is very satisfying to us.”

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