Tenth Samsung China Security Forum Successfully Closed

On the morning of October 31st, the global security market forum was held in the Rose Hall 3 on the fifth floor of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this forum is the strategic adjustment of security companies under the global market segmentation. Five security elites from the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, India and China made wonderful speeches respectively, expounding the status quo of the security market in several continents of Europe, the United States and Asia and their predictions for the future. At 12:30 a.m., the global security market forum ended, and the 13th CPSE Anbo Expo and the 10th Samsung China Security Forum ended.

meeting venue

Rafael Chalokagani, Senior Market Analyst of British BSRIA-Architectural Research Institute of the United Kingdom, gave a speech titled “Electronic Security System World Market – Status and Trends in 2011”. This speech came from BSRIA 2011's latest research on the world's electronic security system market, focusing on the status quo of CCTV video, access control and intrusion alarm market segments, and the global market for hardware, installation and service. Raphael described market share, distribution channels, vertical markets, market growth and development trends, and then focused on the electronic security system in the Chinese market and compared it with the leading UK market in Europe. Finally, the market trends of regional IP penetration, as well as the overall trends in integration and convergence are presented.

Raphael Chalogarni

The speech of Richard, the chairman of the US GSIA Global Security Alliance, was: "Understanding the Global Security Alliance." Richard first introduced the historical development and current situation of GSIA and explained the role of GSIA in each member country. GSIA now faces tasks, development strategies, and becomes a condition for its member states. Finally, GSIA is mentioned. Long-term vision. GSIA's mission is to establish and maintain an international resource network for the global security industry, create an excellent alliance of security industry chambers of commerce, and to promote the standardization of global security industry, the establishment of security policies and guidelines, education and certification programs, and the development of international markets.

Global Security Alliance Chairman Richard

Lenat Alexandra, president of Sweden's Rhea Media, made a prediction on the status and future of the European security market. Rhea Media is today the leading media brand in the global security industry and the best security media distributor in Europe. Lenert first analyzes the status quo of the European market by region to illustrate the status of the European electronics and physical security market in 2011, and from the different classifications of the security industry, such as access control, video surveillance, etc., point out the factors that dominate the market, and finally predict The overall development trend of the European security market.

Lenat Alexandria

GB Singer, president of India’s “Security Today” magazine, addressed the topic: “The Indian market is profitable.” First, the Indian security market is briefly introduced, the current situation of China-India security trade is explained, and then the development of India's security industry, various system areas, geographical distribution of major markets, main driving factors for development and future trends are concerned. In the end, GB gave overseas industry members some suggestions for developing the Indian market and advised them not to miss the fast-growing market in India.

GB Singer

Mr. Su Daozheng, the project director of Biz4Security.com (abbreviated as B4S), addressed the topic: Challenges and Solutions for Security Network Commerce Platform. B4S is a newly launched B2B platform specifically for the security market. Its main business market is sales from domestic manufacturers and products manufactured abroad. The main functions of the web page include searching suppliers and distributors for buyers, searching buyers for suppliers, understanding product information, news, and event information. The scope of the next function will be expanded to become a comprehensive solution website for security traders.

Su Daozhen

Release date:2011/11/1 16:20:55

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