Promising industrialization of C4-valued propylene technology

The industrial technology development project for high-promising carbon tetra- catalytic cracking and propylene production jointly developed by Shaanxi Coal Chemical Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hetu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently passed the 72-hour on-site assessment organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

The industrial technology of high-promising carbon tetra-catalyzed pyrolysis to produce propylene uses mixed carbon tetra as raw material, and adopts fluidized bed reaction technology and independently developed catalyst to produce propylene and ethylene products. The technology is simple in technology, stable in operation, high in yield of ethylene+propylene, and has a wide range of raw materials and does not require special pretreatment. At the same time when the carbon tetraolefin is cracked, partial alkane conversion can be realized, and product solutions can be flexibly adjusted.

This kiloton industrialization test facility was completed in August 2010. The results of continuous operation show that the self-developed catalyst used has good physicochemical properties and it fully satisfies the industrialized fluidized bed process requirements.

The successful development of the industrialization technology will open up a technical route with outstanding technical competitiveness and outstanding economic competitiveness for the further value-added processing and comprehensive utilization of China's Carbon 4 resources.

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