Yuchai 2011 Service System Skill Contest Successfully Closed

On October 24, 2011, Yuchai’s 2011 service system skill contest lasted for 7 months. In the finals, 38 contestants interpreted the strength of Yuchai services with superb service skills. Gao Huadian Service Station of Hebei won the first prize in the contest. Chen Wumin of Guangdong Sanjun Service Station, Haikou Haikou Honghuai Service Station Li Haitao and Henan Zhoukou Service Station Wang Lei won the second prize. General Manager Wu Qiwei and other leaders of the joint-stock company awarded the winners.

Yuchai's 2011 service system skills competition began preparations in March, and 1,060 service stations that have obtained Yuchai's electronically controlled engine service qualifications are actively involved. After strict qualification confirmation and screening, 142 electronic service technicians participated in the selection competition, and finally 38 skill masters entered the finals. The competition's projects include the principle of internal combustion engines, common fault diagnosis and elimination of internal combustion engines, BOSCH high pressure common rail system, DELPHI high pressure common rail system, single pump system principle, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. In the finals, Pang Jiayong, the chief skill master of the Yuchai internal combustion engine test engine, and Howard Can, a master of the internal combustion engine test, were invited to serve as referees.

In practice competitions, contestants carefully analyze and diagnose engine failures, use the knowledge they have learned and accumulated experience to “see doctors” for the engine and quickly resolve the problems.

Pang Jiayong commented on the finals. He believed that the 38 contestants had solid theoretical knowledge, strong practical abilities, and relatively high overall service skills. They could quickly diagnose engine failures.

Service is one of Yuchai’s core competitiveness. The company has always attached great importance to the construction of service systems and the improvement of service skills. Wu Qiwei was very concerned about this skill contest and learned more about the game. At the service system skills competition commendation ceremony, he introduced Yuchai’s “Twelfth Five-Year” development plan to participating service personnel, demonstrating Yuchai’s confidence and determination to build a 100 billion aircraft carrier. He said that Yuchai has achieved brilliant results today and marketing services have played a very important role. In the future, Yuchai will also include marketing services in the important development strategy of Yuchai, and will carry forward the advantages of Yuchai services. One of the reasons why Yuchai’s service was successful was because Yuchai’s service personnel had mastered the fault diagnosis and maintenance skills of the engine at the first time. Therefore, this time to improve Yuchai’s service system’s comprehensive skills, improve the quality of after-sales services, and improve the company’s The 2011 Yuchai Service System Skills Competition with its core competitiveness is very important and very meaningful. In the future, Yuchai will launch a similar service skills competition to further strengthen Yuchai's services.

After winning the award, the contestant Li Huaqiang stated that after returning to the Hebei regional market, he will transfer his skills and technology to the relevant service personnel in the region, and bring them to the point to drive the service personnel in the region to study independently and actively improve, faster and better. Improve service skills and improve service skills in the region.

This skill contest is a concrete measure for Yuchai to fully promote the “50% quality improvement” target, improve the after-sales service quality of products, and further enhance the core competitiveness of Yuchai Market. It is also a concrete manifestation of Yuchai’s service strength.

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