Hongrun Instrument Successfully Applied to Shenzhou Manned Spacecraft

“High control accuracy, reliable technology, and stable work...” Holding the certificates issued by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the senior engineers of the Hongrun R&D department are very happy. In 2008, Hongrun Instrument was used in Shenzhou manned spacecraft and Lunar Exploration Project. Due to its precise control, strong anti-interference and stable operation, it was highly recognized by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and awarded a certificate to Hongrun Company. Hongrun Instrument was successfully applied to the Shenzhou manned spacecraft and the Lunar Exploration Project, indicating that Hongrun has become one of the few suppliers in China that can provide instrumentation for the frontier areas of China's aerospace science and technology.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has strict requirements on the suppliers of selected products. Hongrun Company has applied to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group before the selection of the company’s main qualifications, financial status, technical level, production technology, raw material testing, and quality inspection. The company submitted the audit materials. After completing a series of complicated auditing procedures, Hongrun company passed the leading technology, perfect quality management system, advanced process equipment, and reliable product quality, and passed the audit, so that it can carry manpower to Shenzhou. The spacecraft and the Lunar Exploration Project provide qualifications for instruments.

Hongrun Instrument can be applied to the aerospace field. It is a manifestation of Hongrun’s diligent efforts in the past few years. Its ability in product development, management, and other capabilities have seen a leap in the development of its comprehensive capabilities, signifying that Hongrun Instruments continues to advance in the field of high-tech services. Step forward.

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