Weibo County Tourism Bureau said that the first batch of purebred foreigners to attract disputes

Weibo County Tourism Bureau said that the first batch of purebred foreigners cited dispute diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-06-05

Tourism Bureau official Bo Jingxian "pure foreigner"
“Jianning County ushered in the first batch of purebred foreigners.” At 16:16 yesterday, the official Weibo of the Jianning County Tourism Administration issued a microblog content of only 12 characters, which contains “pure breeding”. The word triggered a hot debate among netizens. The County Tourism Bureau explained that the incident was caused by "microblogging managers rushing to work, rushing to publish Weibo, resulting in clerical errors."
Microblogging caused controversy in one sentence
Yesterday afternoon, the Jianning County Tourism Bureau of Fujian Province released a 12-word Weibo content on its official Weibo. “Jianning County ushered in the first batch of purebred foreigners.” 3 minutes later, the official Bo also replied a photo of 12 foreigners in the wild when traveling photos (such as the left, the network picture). After the release of two microblogs, netizens were criticized and mocked. As of 21:30 pm yesterday, the Weibo has been forwarded more than 6,500 times. In more than 2,400 comments, most netizens criticized the Jianning Tourism Bureau, saying that it was improperly phrased.
The netizen @ Yan Caixun criticized him with impunity: “Official Weibo, out of purebred foreigners, is such a disrespectful term that should not be used. The level of civil servants recruited through layered examinations is so high! "Netizens Guijie began thinking about the outcome of this matter: "It will be deleted soon. Then someone will come out and apologize."
Mr. Tang, a civil servant in Sanming City, analyzed that Jianning County is located in the beautiful scenery of Wuyi Mountain in the northwest of Fujian, and is a famous “Hometown of Chinese Jianlian”. Although the county is rich in tourism resources, but the traffic is not convenient, the visibility is not high, few foreigners usually come to this tour, basically "can have once every six months." "Purebred foreigners" should describe "a rare sight." However, he also believes that this statement is indeed wrong.
Controversial Weibo has been deleted
Yesterday evening, the reporter got in touch with Wu Shuxian, director of the Tourism Bureau of Jianning County, Fujian Province. Wu Shuxian explained to the reporter that there may be a virus intrusion and the specific reasons will be answered after checking. Wu Shuxian said that the official Weibo content is consistent with the travel news on the official website of the Jianning Tourism Bureau, but the content of the Weibo blog has not been scrutinized, so the specific circumstances and other checks are clear.
According to a search by the reporter, a tourism news headline entitled “Jining County has successfully received the first batch of French tour groups” was published on the official website of Jianning County Tourism Bureau on the 21st of last month. The news said: "On May 17, Jianning County ushered in the first foreign tourist group of French nationality in 2012. This foreign guest group was received by the Minjiangyuan Travel Agency and totaled 13 people. The foreign guest group is expected to play in China for one month. Ning is a point of its visit.” The manuscript was also accompanied by five photographs, one of which was a group photo issued by the County Tourism Administration’s official microsite.
At 21:55 yesterday, Wu Shuxian called the reporter to confirm that due to the improper operation of the official microblog administrator, a mistake was made to mispronounce the word "pure". "Actually, the Frenchman came to travel. The microblogging administrator was a young man. He hurriedly returned home from work that afternoon, so he hurried off sending this message and left." Afterwards, Wu also thanked the Internet users and the media. Reminders and supervision. At 21:39 yesterday, the above two microblogs have been deleted.
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