Watts Technology Innovation New Product Dynamic Balancing Electric Two-way Valve

Watts Group's products are widely used in water diversion projects, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, municipal water supply and drainage and heating pipe network engineering, power engineering, construction engineering and steel, petrochemical and other industrial systems, in many national key projects Widely used.

U.S. Watts Water Industry Group has announced the development of a newly developed dynamic balancing electric two-way valve (W-DP915-16T series) with dimensions ranging from DN15-DN25. Compared with the traditional fan-coil electric two-way valve, this series of products has the function of switching and dynamic flow balancing, and the designed flow is set at the factory, and no on-site debugging is required. This product has very accurate and reliable performance, set flow deviation <10%. The actuators of this product are 22C power-off normally-closed, 230V power thermo-actuators, imported Italian accessories.

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