Shanghai Shijia intelligent warehouse logistics RFID management system application case

Project Profile RFID technology is increasingly valued in the application of logistics within the enterprise. The person in charge of the enterprise gradually realizes that RFID technology can improve the transparency of the supply chain logistics management and inventory turnover rate, effectively reduce the loss of stocks and improve the logistics within the enterprise. effectiveness. The effect of RFID applied in enterprise logistics management is reflected in 2 points: 1 fast: fast logistics efficiency, fast delivery of goods, improve logistics operation efficiency; 2 standard: data accurate, accurate data collection of goods in all aspects of logistics management . According to the current status of warehousing management and the feasibility study of RFID technology in logistics management, advanced RFID data collection means are embedded in the WMS system to realize the management of the location and tray of RFID tag identification. In this way, the informationization and modernization of enterprise logistics management is realized, the enterprise logistics management level and management efficiency are improved, and the enterprise management cost is reduced. At present, the company's intelligent warehousing logistics RFID management system has been adopted by Zhongchuang Logistics, saving management time and cost.
Key process labeling: the shelf is made of anti-metal label, and the tray is made of anti-metal label or paper self-adhesive logistics label according to the material, and the label is initialized;
Palletizing: After the barcode is received by the RFID handheld terminal or manually input the cargo information, the barcode label information is associated with the read tray label information;
On the shelf: the truck reading and writing device and the onboard computer are installed on the forklift or the roadway stacker. After reading the pallet label, the warehouse should be placed on the shelf. Before the goods are placed in the storage position, the location label is read to determine the correct position.
The lower frame: the forklift or the roadway stacker obtains the task of getting off the rack through the on-board computer. After reading the storage position and the pallet label, the on-board reading and writing device judges that the goods are off-loaded correctly, and completes the removal confirmation;
Picking: use the RFID handheld terminal to complete the zero-removal picking, and realize the information association after the separation and consolidation of the goods on the pallet;
Outbound: The outbound storage tray reads the tray label through the RFID handheld terminal to complete the outbound confirmation, or the tray label is read out when the tray passes through the automatic identification channel;
Inventory: The use of RFID handheld terminals to complete the inventory of bulk pallets.
Equipment configuration read and write equipment: SR-7114 industrial grade car reader, SR-6700 handheld terminal, SR-3200B desktop card issuing device, SC-ID series automatic identification channel.
Electronic label: anti-metal label, paper self-adhesive logistics label.
Implement the logistics management function with complete benefits, timely and timely alarms in and out of the warehouse, and greatly improve the real-time dynamic management of the logistics process;
Manage real-time, fast operation, detailed records, and complete management links.
Provide warehousing accuracy, making inventory count more efficient;
Real-time data collection and recording of the whole process, through information centralized management, to achieve information sharing, in order to statistical, analytical processing and provide all kinds of data required for management, to provide a reliable basis for decision makers;
Flexible and easy-to-use RFID middleware technology can easily expand RFID data collection methods in existing management systems to fully protect the company's existing investments.

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