Garbage truck sprinkler sweeper car paint maintenance method

    The paint on the surface of a special car is just like the face of a special car. In order to ensure the appearance of a special vehicle face, the surface paint of the Xiagong Chusheng Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. uses high-quality polishing paint. After the user purchases a special car, he must perform necessary maintenance work on the paint. This matter can not be ignored. With the advent of the summer season, the Xiagong Chusheng Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will focus on the cleaning and maintenance of the summer car paint according to the needs of everyone.
(1) Summer cleaning and maintenance of vehicle paint. Many car owners are lazy people, car wash all rely on heavy rain, a few months to paint the surface of the car factory "invulnerability", a slight flaw is difficult to break through the outer layer of car paint "bread." In fact, car paint, like our skin, requires regular care and maintenance. Otherwise, we will have to pay a greater price when we are “out of the blue”.
Neutral, dry, and oily are to be distinguished before the skin is treated. Although it is not necessary to separate and classify the varnish, it is also important to understand the types of paint we use.
In general, paint can be divided into two layers: primer, topcoat and varnish, while topcoat can be divided into common paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint. The main components of common paint are resins, pigments and additives; the metallic paint has more aluminum powder, so it looks bright after completion; pearlescent paint is added with mica particles. Mica is very thin, reflective, it has a colorful effect. If it is metallic paint and varnish, the paint will look dazzling.
(2) daily care of car paint. Whether the car paint can always keep bright, daily care is the most important. If you wait until the car paint surface has serious problems and then deal with it, both the cost and time will greatly increase. Therefore, we should take care of the car paint from the small things around us every day.
(3) Wash the vehicle in time after the rain. Generally speaking, rainwater will be in an acidic state. After rain, with the evaporation of paint rain, the local acid concentration will show an upward trend. If the rainwater stain on the surface of the car is not cleaned as soon as possible, the paint will be damaged after a long time.
(4) Car wash pays attention to temperature. It is best not to wash the vehicle in hot sun or high temperature. On the one hand, the detergent may be dried and leave traces on the surface of the paint. On the other hand, the paint surface water droplets will not be formed in time to form tiny lenses, resulting in local temperature of the paint surface. Too high causing burns.
(5) Select the appropriate detergent. If you do your own cleaning of the vehicle, it is best to choose a dedicated detergent, do not use alkaline cleaner detergent, soapy water and detergent and other cleaning benefits, this will make the grease in the paint is forced to take away, accelerate the car The aging of the paint.
Xiagong Chusheng Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reminded the owners: The maintenance and maintenance of vehicle paint not only keeps the appearance of the vehicle bright, but also can appropriately extend the service life of the vehicle. Therefore, sufficient attention must be paid to the use of the car during the day. There are special car needs, welcome to inquire, Manager Liu.

Aerial Working Truck, Aerial work truck, Sky lift truck, Overhead Working Truck transport refers to the staff and equipment to the site to be used and air operations of special vehicles.
Aerial Working Truck Crank arm type overhead working truck can overhanging operation, across some obstacles or in a lift can be carried out more work; Platform capacity big, for two or more people work at the same time and can carry a certain device; Lift platform mobility, convenient transfer site; Beautiful shape, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Applicable to the station, wharf, shopping malls, sports venues, residential property, factories workshop and so on a wide range of aerial work.
Folding boom overhead working truck trailer type, mobile convenience, folding boom compact structure, adopts the new type of high quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to the alternating current (ac) or use dc power start itself, construction speed is quick, table can be increased and horizontal extension, also can rotate, the obstacles to reach the working position, is the ideal aerial work equipment.
In both assignments in the bucket and rotary seat is equipped with control devices, remote control of engine start/stop, high speed/low speed, adopting electro-hydraulic proportional valve control arm movements, good stability, working arm can be right and left 360 째 continuous rotation, tank level automatic linkage for homework, main pump failure emergency pump down homework groove can be manipulated, and night lighting, lifting heavy objects. Car leg alone separate, adjustable, can realize the vehicle on uneven road leveling. Can the vehicle mobile and convenient, suitable for narrow area, a side operations. Products are widely used in electricity, street lamp, municipal, gardens, communications, airport, built (revised) ship, transportation, advertising, photography, and other areas of the aerial work.
Multifunctional and multipurpose
Through the big arm front bracket, can be quickly installed lifting device or platform, realize the material function such as lifting, lifting, and manned aerial work, at the same time to extension assignments device and a variety of work device quickly switch provides the interface.
3 d rotation lift
Design three-dimensional rotating lift device, already can keep by lifting material profile automatically, and can realize the lifting materials in space any height, any location and any direction adjustment request, sensitive speed control precision, micro performance is good, can meet the large underground structure in high altitude and ventilation pipe installation requirements.
Aerial Working Truck classification
According to the form of its lifting mechanism, generally can be divided into the telescopic arm type (ZhiBeiShi), folding arm type (crank arm type), vertical lift and hybrid four basic forms, etc.

Aerial Working Truck

Aerial Working Truck,High-altitude Operation Truck,Overhead Working Truck,Jmc Aerial Working Truck,Bucket Work Truck