Qiqing Chemical Co., Ltd. Annually Produces 20,000 Tons of Organic Alcohol Production Plant Projects

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China Drying Net On July 27, Dezhou City, another investment attraction project, was officially signed by Leling Qiqing Chemical to produce 20,000 tons of organic alcohol. City leaders E Hongda, Liu Shichang, and Sun Hongkui attended the signing ceremony. It is understood that Leling Qiqing Chemical has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of organic alcohol, and a phase I project to build a 20,000 tons/year organic alcohol production facility with a total investment of 90 million yuan and an annual production value of 200 million yuan. The main production butyraldehyde, octanol, butanol, octenal, fuel oil, are the basic chemical raw materials, has a good prospect of deep-processing production. Municipal Party Committee Secretary E Hongda said that the contracted annual production of 20,000 tons of organic alcohol projects, high technology content, good economic returns, will not only directly promote the rapid development of recycling chemical industry, but also bound to the development of circular economy demonstration park and modern city The upgrading of the industrial system has far-reaching implications.

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