Car beauty knowledge

Car beauty knowledge The beauty and maintenance of the car is divided into two parts: the body and the interior. The following small series introduces the specific steps of car cleaning and maintenance from these two aspects.

Body Washing Step 1: Car Wash. Clean body dirt.

The second step: waxing. Apply a layer of special wax to the car to make it look brighter! And there is a certain waterproof, UV protection, reduce static electricity and dust absorption.

The third step: polishing. The machine is used to throw away the corroded aging layer on the car body surface, so that the new paint is exposed, so that the car paint reappears the brilliance of the new car, and is even brighter.

Step 4: Seal the glaze. The process of combining polishing and waxing, but the material used for waxing is not the same. Compared to waxing, the brightening of the glaze is higher, the holding time is longer, and a series of protective effects are better.

The fifth step: coating. Like sealing glazes, the material of the seal is different. Time can be kept longer. Chassis armor: Spray plastic on the chassis of the car to prevent rust and sand from colliding.

Interior cleaning first step: cleaning. Use foam to clean the inside of the car with a brush or sponge to rejuvenate the car. And will not make the car wet. Due to different materials of different interiors, cleaning should be treated differently.

The second step: polishing care. In order to prolong the life of the interior trim and maintain its luster, it is also necessary to carry out polishing care operations after the cleaning is completed. Traditional care products have only a single glazing function, such as leather polish, which can only maintain light, without the sun filter, so it does not protect.

The third step: dust removal. Dust removal is usually done with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the interior components. Before the dust removal, first remove the vehicle debris such as parking permits, tapes, seat cushions, floor mats, etc., and then perform the dust removal operation in the order from top to bottom. Including the front dashboard, ashtray, front stop, rear sill, door debris box, seats, carpet luggage.

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