Is it possible to determine the absolute water content of soil by gravity?

The so-called gravity method is to determine the absolute water content of an object. Can we use this gravity method to determine the absolute water content of soil? In fact, our measuring instrument measures the absolute water content of the soil, and the value represented by the gravity method is the absolute water content.

To get closer to the accuracy of the gravitational water content, the water content determined by the gravimetric method required by the user is determined by pressing the set key after the power on to input the local soil bulk density. In fact, the soil bulk density near each place is in the range of 1.0-1.1. There is no special doubt for the user. Generally, the absolute water content and moisture content of the soil in each area can be directly measured. The soil moisture content determined after setting the local soil bulk density is equivalent to the actual value. of. It can be understood that the default soil bulk density of the instrument is 1.0.

Soil density, compaction, moisture content, spatial structure, texture, and other factors all affect the soil's bulk density, because the soil in each place is different. As long as you know the weight of soil, it can be measured by gravity. The soil moisture meter can be set as long as it is turned on. After the shutdown, the measurement will be clear. The operation is simple and convenient.

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