Where to move CRM? The three major trends are irreversible

Cloud computing and the popularity of the mobile Internet, coupled with the development of mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, the tide of enterprise-class mobile informationization seems to have entered the state of full-scale resistance war in mobile office applications overnight. Smartphones have become the new standard and must-have product for personal communications, networking, productivity and business efficiency. Some mobile application developers are creating new, more mobile, integrated and cross-functional worlds for their people through technology.

Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud computing and big data, and have been emphasizing what mobile technologies can do. Mobile applications look better, more flexible, and work seamlessly with people's needs, becoming a necessity. On this basis, several trends in the field of mobile CRM are becoming more and more evident in the coming years.

1, data integration. The so-called integration, refers to the OA, ERP and other systems are integrated into the CRM data in the internal through a wide range of data integration, data structure framework of the platform; external, the use of platform docking and integrated way to open the channel , To achieve data sharing and value-added. For users, only need to use a mobile phone, you can run the entire business processes all run.

Mobile CRM combines people, documents and data to enable the flow of information. Decision makers can view all of the dynamics as soon as they are made, ensuring timely, accurate and reliable decisions. Employees can also share ideas and suggestions with colleagues, leaders and even employers. For many traditional industries, small and medium enterprises, 800 guest mobile CRM can quickly help enterprises enter the cloud computing, information flow and data value.

2, social collaboration. The evolution of social media has made it more diversified and easier for people to access more information through social networking tools such as blogs, podcasts, forums, social networks and weibo. CRM technology and mobile and social media together, closer to social needs, such as: with Sina Weibo, Tencent microblogging and other mobile terminals to interact. Provide a good interactive platform to provide customers with the convenience, with very low cost, access to more advantages of resources.

Mobile CRM highlights the corporate social mobility attributes to help sales of various departments of the enterprise onto the network, microblogging, WeChat style of collaboration and information sharing, so that sales staff no matter where you can feel not alone in the battle. More importantly, it also enables sales, business teams and customers to interact closely with each other by creating VIP spaces for customers, taking photos, recordings, LBS, WeChat, Weibo and other social applications, significantly improving the success rate And customer satisfaction.

3, cross-platform layout. Cross-platform mobile application layout This trend is more suitable for business scenarios. In a business scenario, a mobile CRM application not only needs to focus on improving enterprise productivity, but also focuses on usage scenarios from front-line salespeople. Enterprise applications must be laid out a variety of devices, set standards, so that employees can use a variety of different personal smart phones to communicate effectively, to ensure that mobile networks not only transparent, but also to work properly.

Nowadays it can be a bit of a luxury to make a report on the spot, but when everyone is equipped with a standard mobile CRM, reporting makes it easy to enter data, and it can be observed in every part of the business. Whether employees are using personal mobile smart devices or their personal work computers, an online CRM that mimics the office environment will be the perfect investment for an organization's effective data management and communication.

In addition, cloud-based employee management applications can improve employee information, enhance interactions, monitor business expenses and production, and generate easy-to-access databases that will see rapid growth in corporate mobility applications. In short, the future of mobile applications will be more interactive, resulting in more models based on cloud computing, enterprise-class mobile CRM cross-platform layout is more obvious, to help businesses in the work management and other aspects of significant change.

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