The LED energy saving effect of the factory is remarkable

Electricity tariffs have risen and fallen, saving current consumption has become a topic of concern to users. In addition to reducing electricity consumption, the use of high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly high-tech electric lights is the most direct and effective method.
Electric lights are essential for people's lives. Whether they are homes, factories, shopping malls, or even auditoriums and parks, there is always a need for lights and electric lights to occupy an important position.
Lamps and light bulbs are used by every household. If you can use energy-saving and environmentally-friendly electric lights, in the long run, you will save money and benefit countlessly.
Energy-saving and green electric lights, including nano fluorescent lamps, LED fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs, LED downlights for home and office buildings, LED miner's lamps and induction lamps for factories, and LED floodlights for streets and parks.
In the case of nano fluorescent lamps, the power saving effect is more than 55%, the product operating life is up to 30,000 hours, and the brightness is high, the color rendering is good, the light decay, the light stability and the operating temperature bottom are reduced.
A certain LED industry pointed out that the LED miner's lamp suitable for the factory has an operating life of more than 60,000 hours, and the energy saving rate is more than 55%. The long-term accumulation has saved the manufacturer a large amount of expenses.

This equipment is used for dough mixing. After the kneading and rolling, the dough has good elasticity, toughness and extension. Soft biscuits and hard biscuits are applicable. 

Dough Mixer is one kind of Food Machine, which is mainly mix flour and water evenly. Dough mixer is an important part of biscuits machine. 

Dough Mixer

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