BYD electric bus shock unveiled World Bus Expo

From April 24 to April 27, 2014, BYD took a series of electric buses to attack the Busworld Turkey in Istanbul. BYD is located at Booth 2-B04. The exhibits include 8.5-meter, 12-meter and 18-meter (hinged) single-decker electric buses and the world’s first purely electric double-decker bus.

As BYD's first electric bus, the 12-metre-long bus K9 has been operated and tested in nearly 50 cities around the world. The test results are very satisfactory. K9 has two or three doors, left or right rudder optional, and can be configured with up to 33 seats and 9 square meters of standing space, as well as a wheelchair area.

At present, the Turkish capital Ankara is trying to operate a K9. The trial operation shows that the K9 can not only provide zero-emission public transport, but also can meet most of the daily operational needs with a single charge. The bus will charge electricity with a lower electricity bill at night, and it will be fully charged in 5 hours, saving up to 75% in energy costs. Therefore, many operators who have tested K9 have predicted that they can recover their costs in only about four years, which makes up for the difference in the purchase price of electric buses compared to conventional diesel buses. In fact, some trial operations have proved that since the cost of energy consumed is much lower than that of a diesel bus, the electric bus is equivalent to a free purchase after 15 years of use.

BYD Electric Bus's on-board power is its own R&D and world-leading iron battery. It is not only safe and reliable, but also able to support excellent cruising range of more than 250 kilometers in the city. BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and increases its battery storage capacity at a rate of 10% per year. This technology level is the world leader.

The K9's iron battery is distributed in three battery packs. It has 600 amp-hour capacity and can provide 324 kWh of electricity, which is about 130 kWh per 100 km. If you use a 60 kW power supply, you can charge it in just five hours. The iron battery can be recharged 4000 times or more, under normal circumstances, the use of more than 11 years, so the life of the iron battery is likely to be longer than the life of the bus itself.

In addition, BYD electric buses are equipped with advanced battery management systems and energy feedback braking systems. During deceleration and braking, the system can charge the battery back and extend the driving range. In Duopo’s road conditions, the bus will receive 15% of the recharging energy, which will significantly increase the cruising range.

“We warmly welcome everyone to visit the World Bus Expo Turkey Exhibition and BYD Booth,” said He Yipeng, General Manager of BYD's Export Trade Department. “We are working hard to promote leading-edge battery technologies and actively explore new bus designs. Everyone will From the booth, we will learn more about the strategic deployment of BYD into the passenger car market. We look forward to showcasing our presence and building a strong customer base in Turkey and the wider world!”

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