LED lighting enterprise IPO hits industry consolidation or continuous

Today, in all walks of life, trying e-commerce, as long as the word O2O is used, it seems that the development of business ideas is fashionable. However, is every industry suitable for O2O? Recently, a group of domestic LED companies slammed a small industry development seminar in Guangzhou to reflect on the O2O model of the LED industry. Foshan Lighting Brand Director Xue Qing said that the O2O model is not suitable for the current LED companies. Talk about innovation: low brand awareness is O2O barrier. It is understood that in the past two years, the price of LED lighting has dropped by 60-80, and the LED bulb of 3W is around 13 yuan. The price/performance ratio has been accepted by the market, and indoor lighting is becoming China. One of the biggest thrusts in the LED application market. With the increase in the market share of indoor lighting, since last year, major LED companies have begun to channel the channels online to carry out sales innovation. Among them, LED companies led by NVC Lighting, Opp, etc., want to open e-commerce sales with O2O. Sunshine Lighting revealed in its 2013 annual report that in 2014, the company will officially launch e-commerce channel operations. However, the development status of most LED companies at this stage is not suitable for blind O2O. Xue Qing believes that there are not many LED brand companies that can be said by consumers today. Under this circumstance, many consumers even experience the store online. It is also difficult to complete the online ordering steps to the right products, because they may not be able to look at the products they saw offline when they are faced with a wide range of online products. Secondly, enterprises that can build experience stores online must be brand enterprises, but today most of them have narrow product lines, which are insufficient to meet the needs of consumers. Xue Qing said so. Talking about acquisitions: Last year was just a prelude to industry consolidation. Undoubtedly, expanding production capacity and building brands are the things that LED companies need to accomplish now. The resulting change is that companies that have not had time to increase supply will go to the acquisition; some projects that were purchased last year will also land this year. Pan Wenbo, founder of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and dean of Guangya Lighting Research Institute, believes that 2013 is only a prelude to industry integration, and 2014 is the real integration year. The increase in listed companies and the demand for market energy-saving renovation are all catalysts for the accelerated integration of the industry. Before the Spring Festival, Tongfang shares announced that it intends to acquire the equity of Zhen Mingli 51 for 700 million yuan. This is the same as Dehao Runda's merger with NVC lighting. And Sanan Optoelectronics successfully completed a new round of additional issuance around the Spring Festival this year, raising 3.3 billion yuan, intending to double the current LED chip production capacity. Pan Wenbo believes that although the overall market size will continue to expand in the future, the competition will be extremely fierce and many companies will be eliminated. From the perspective of the decentralized nature of the industry, many enterprises in the niche area will become the target of priority mergers and acquisitions, and these enterprises may find it difficult to become bigger and stronger on their own. Therefore, the intensity of integration is unprecedented, and it will play a decisive role in promoting the process from scattered to concentrated. The reporter also noticed that the recent opening of the IPO has also facilitated the listing of LED companies. In the list of IPO filings of enterprises recently announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the names of Abbyson and Mulinsen are listed. Pan Wenbo said that after the IPO is opened, there will be a large number of LED companies listed, the industry's capital strength will become stronger and stronger, and the industry integration will last longer. It is understood that the scale of this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has reached a new high, reaching 225,000 square meters, covering 22 exhibition halls. As of the end of April 2014, the number of exhibitors reached 2,237, and the area of ​​enterprises in the brand area increased by 10. It is worth noting that the various forms of LED executives presently believe that this integration is not necessarily a complete acquisition of competitors, but rather a form of cooperation to obtain the resources they need. Gu Yongde, chairman of Maoshuo Power, said that the company has invested in some robotic automation projects in order to reduce the production costs of LED companies. In the future, it plans to invest in two robotic automation companies. In fact, the objective environment also requires LED companies to achieve greater profits through cooperation. For example, in the government procurement LED lighting project in 2013, there were a number of LED lighting energy-saving retrofit projects that selected the (EMC) contract energy management model. But the problem is that EMC's energy-saving investment returns have a long time, usually 2 to 5 years. The first condition for adopting the EMC mechanism is to advance the funds. It is conceivable that once the project is increased, the amount of funds advanced in advance will be large. LED companies invest in one project and one project, and the capital chain is seriously scarce. Therefore, we use the advantages of Moso Power's listed companies to help customers get projects, cooperate with customers, obtain EMC revenue and product revenue, and help customers buy their products. Gu Yongde said so.

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