Bosch Group expects to achieve sales growth of 3% to 5% in 2014

The world's leading technology and service provider, Bosch Group , has achieved full-year growth in its business performance in 2014, with sales growth of approximately 7% in the first quarter and an increase of approximately 10% after adjusting for exchange rate factors. Bosch expects to achieve a 3% to 5% sales growth this fiscal year.

Worldwide sales reached 46.1 billion euros in 2013
Worldwide sales reached 46.1 billion euros in 2013

Dr. Volkermar Dunner, chairman of the Bosch Group's Board of Directors, stated at the global annual press conference on April 30th: "We will continue to develop our traditional business without breaking new business areas. Bosch has diversified With its product technology and extensive industry experience, the company has benefited greatly from this connected age." Bosch Automotive Technology's business continued its strong business performance last year, and its growth in the first quarter of 2014 was noticeable. Bosch also plans to further improve its business performance in 2014. Dr. Dunner, Chairman of the Group's Board of Directors, concurrently oversees the company's research and development work. He called for the government to introduce more favorable policies to promote innovation: "As a global leader, Germany and European countries should also achieve international advanced standards in research and development."

Annual sales and profit growth in fiscal 2013

In fiscal year 2013, Bosch Group's sales increased by 3.1% to 46,100 million euros (this increase was calculated based on adjusted last year sales of 44.7 billion euros). The sales data announced this time is based on the following factors: It includes the group's withdrawal from the crystalline silicon photovoltaic business, adjustments in accounting standards, and acquisitions in the previous year.

Excluding the impact of exchange rates, Bosch Group's 2013 sales increased by 6.3%. The strong position of the euro has seriously affected the performance of the company as a whole: It is estimated that the performance loss caused by the exchange rate factor is as high as 1.5 billion euros. If the loss caused by the photovoltaic business is not counted, Bosch’s EBIT margin is 6%, and pre-tax profit is 2.8 billion EUR. The boom in automotive technology has made a significant contribution to the growth of performance.

Main area sales in 2013
Main area sales in 2013

Double sales in Asia and the Americas by 2020

Asia remains the largest growth area of ​​the Bosch Group. By 2020, the Bosch Group will strive to achieve doubled sales in the region while also doubling sales in South and North America. In addition to improving its manufacturing capabilities, Bosch also continues to strengthen localized R&D. In Africa, Bosch’s goal is also to achieve significant growth in sales in the future. In Europe, although the economy continues to be in a weak state, Bosch will continue to strive to surpass the average growth rate of the market. With the continuous expansion of international business coverage, Bosch is committed to tailoring more products and services tailored to its needs for customers in all regions of the world.

Bosch Worldwide 281,000 employees
Bosch Worldwide 281,000 employees

The number of employees has increased in 2013 and will continue to increase in 2014

In 2014, Bosch expects that its demand for growth will come mainly from the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. Worldwide, Bosch will recruit about 9,000 new graduates. In Germany, Bosch plans to employ about 800 university graduates. The total number of new apprenticeships in Germany will remain at the level of last year, which is about 1,400. In 2013, the number of Bosch Group employees increased by approximately 8,500, and the total number of employees reached 28.1 million (the adjusted number of employees in 2012 was 273,000).

Registered 4,964 patents in 2013
Registered 4,964 patents in 2013

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