18th Ethiopia Addis Chamber International Trade Fair


Win Tone company went to Ethiopia Trade Fair and investigated maize machine market.

In Feb. 20th, 2014, 3 salesmen of Win Tone Manufacture Machinery Co., Ltd. went to Ethiopia to participate in the 18th Addis Chamber International Trade Fair.

maize machine market

During this fair, they also investigated the local maize machine market for preparation of African office. They signed some agreements of maize processing lines. Now the projects are in progress.

maize machine market

PP Plastic Filters


PP plastic filters is developed and designed for chemical industry. It is an excellent economic and practical anticorrosive filter which is widely used in solid-liquid separation of corrosive materials of acid and alkali. The whole plastic cylinder and its accessories are made of pvdf, pph, ppr and other anticorrosive plastic materials to realize the contact between non-metal parts and materials, which can be competent for high temperature, high concentration hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. aqua regia and other strong acid strong base liquid filtration and most of the chemical liquid filtration. The filters are fast open, easy to maintain, easy to disassemble. The bottom of the cylinder is designed with a clever slope, no residual fluid after filtration. The integral molding injection molding process makes the cylinder without any soldering interface and solder joint, and the inner surface is smooth without dead angle. The plastic anticorrosive filter is widely used in chemical industry. 


1.The Filter Material inlet adopts the jacking tortoise shell design, the liquid flow is more unobstructed and the liquid accumulation.

2. Top cover adopts the quick opening way, the maintenance is convenient and easy to disassemble, and it is equipped with 6 sus316 flange bolt rings to protect the pressure.

3. The bottom of the sealing filter adopts slope design, no residual liquid after filtering, to avoid material waste .

4. The barrel body ,basket, and the filter bag ring is made of high temperature modified polypropylene (ppr/pph) or pvdf anticorrosive material.

5. The cylinder body has no welding interface and weld, and the smooth and beautiful.

6. The sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber material. Excellent corrosion resistance.

7. The flange bolt hole spacing of inlet and outlet has multi-functions, which can be matched with national standard, American standard, day standard, German standard flange.

8. The mounting square base to enhance the safety and stability of the filter, easy to be fixed in different demand situations .


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PP Plastic Filters

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