Extend the trial run of extrusion granulator in China Coal Project

China Drying Network The LLDPE and HDPE two sets of air-sending and extrusion granulating machines, which were constructed by the Ten-Construction Co., Ltd., were extended to trial production on April 27 and 28, respectively, to produce qualified pellets.

The LLDPE and HDPE two-device post-system commissioning test is an important node for the overall trial run of the 2014 Yulin Energy and Chemical Project. Since the system was commissioned after entering the device, Ten Jianjian extended the Sinochem Jingbian energy and chemical project department to plan and scientifically organize it. All the staff involved in the construction of the unity and cooperation work hard to overcome difficulties, and carefully prepared the construction, commissioning program, fine security and technical measures. The installation and commissioning personnel who are responsible for the installation and debugging of the extruders and compressors, such as fitters, pipeworkers, and meters, work overtime and work day and night, carefully aligning and debugging oil shipments, and finally realize high-quality air delivery and extrusion granulators. success.

It is understood that both sets of devices have successfully produced qualified pellets in the shortest time, which is the shortest compared with the post-system test of similar devices in the country.

Keyless Drill Chuck, Key Type Drill Chuck with Threaded Fitting, Keyless Drill Chuck with Threaded Mounted
Drill chuck is by drilling collet, elastic dial ring, connecting piece, the back cover. In drill collet, its axial positioning is implemented using the connection piece, upon jack, via the circumference of a circle in the elastic dial ring under the action of internal thread axial movement, under the action of a precise automatic centering and clamping tool, when you are working with different drilling tools need to adopt such as center drill, drill, reamer, tap drill chuck, can loosen the positioning screw, turn the segment to the desired location, fastening positioning screw, realize the drill chuck the movement of the transfer.

The drill chuck is one of the main parts of electric tool industry and machine tool industry, widely used in electric drill, drilling machine. Chuck is connected with the tool, is used to clamp the handle type tool accessories. The drill and connection with threaded connections and taper connection in two ways. Threaded connection is mainly used on an electric hand drill, cone connection is mainly used for drilling machine drill chuck from structure can be classified as type wrench and keyless. Spanner drill chuck wrench to tighten the wheel needs, mainly used in machine tool industry, such as drill and drill. Hand drill chuck set to hold on and tighten the collet, mainly used for electric drill. Spanner drill chuck as by pulling wheel to tighten the collet and a pulling wheel is a with an extension arm of bevel gear, so in the process of screwing can serve to increase the role of input torque, so chuck clip clamping force is too large.

Drill Chuck

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