Suzhou City: 276 garbage trucks achieved "full closure" during the year

Recently, the reporter learned from the Suzhou City Council City Administration that, starting in May 201, it will carry out special remediation of 276 garbage trucks in 46 units in the urban area. By the end of this year, the vehicle conversion work will be completed and full closure transportation will be implemented. At the same time, it will also regulate the behavior of vehicles, such as civilized traffic, not open GPS, violations on the elevated, exposed by the media and other acts are treated as demerit points, vehicles with more points deducted may not enter the domestic waste terminal disposal site.

The quality of the approved or modified garbage truck shall not exceed 15 tons. The modified vehicle adopts a hydraulic locking structure to reliably seal the waste bin and the back door strip. At the same time, a sewage tank is installed to ensure that the household garbage is collected and transported in a closed state. Hourglass run. The exterior color of the vehicle is green and white. He Jie print?

News original title: Garbage trucks "all closed" during the year

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