Carbon Dioxide Recorder Controls Gas Fertilization in Zucchini Greenhouse

The planting methods of summer squash in early winter are generally used for greenhouse production because the temperature in the early winter is still relatively low in winter and the time for sheds in greenhouses is relatively short. Basically, they are all under confined conditions, once the intensity of sunlight is applied. When it is strong, carbon dioxide in the shed will be in a deficit state. However, this will cause the yield of zucchini to go up. Therefore, it is necessary to top up carbon dioxide gas in vegetables in greenhouses. According to the carbon dioxide recording test, it is most suitable to apply the carbon dioxide content of the summer squash to 1000 to 1600 Ppm. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of fertilizing gas carbon dioxide:

First, the time and method of carbon dioxide fertilizer The general time in the half-hour to 1 hour after the curtain was opened, to the end of the morning n points, a total of 2 to 3 hours. As the curtains are opened in the morning, the zucchini starts its photosynthesis, but the light is weak and the photosynthesis is weak. As the sun rises, the light intensity increases, the photosynthesis starts to strengthen, and the carbon dioxide concentration in the shed drops rapidly. At this time, carbon dioxide is applied. Specific usage: Hang a plastic bucket on the column every 6 to 7 meters in the east-west direction of the greenhouse. The barrel contains 2/3 volume of dilute sulfuric acid solution. Then a certain amount of carbon ammonia is weighed into a small plastic bag, tightly sealed, and 3 to 4 small holes are put on the bag and put into the barrel. The bag is pressed into the bottom of the barrel with a heavy object. Sulfuric acid and carbon ammonia The reaction emits carbon dioxide gas.

Second, topdressing the principle of carbon dioxide fertilizer 1. After cocoon Zucchini fruit set, gradually increase with the expansion of leaf area coefficient.
2. It should not be applied when the soil temperature in deep winter is not higher than 13°C. Put a barrel every 7 square meters before the Spring Festival. Each barrel can contain 150-250 grams of carbon ammonia, so that the carbon dioxide concentration in the shed can reach 800-1200 Ppm. After the Spring Festival, the ground temperature increases, and the high yield period of the squash is more appropriate. , 250-350 grams of carbon ammonia can be placed in each barrel, so that the carbon dioxide concentration in the shed reaches 1300-1600 ppm.
3. It depends on the plant to bear more fruit for a long time. If vegetative growth is too prosperous, use less or less if there are fewer results.
4. It is necessary to apply in sunny and warm weather. It is not suitable for rainy and snowy weather and it should not be used in the afternoon. After 50 years and 70 days after the first year, no further application is required.

Third, Shi Erquan carbon fertilizer should pay attention to the problem 1. To be careful operation. Dilute sulphuric acid in the barrel should not be too full to prevent splashing of burned vegetables or human body.
2. Carbon ammonia is very volatile, do not bring large bags of carbon ammonia into the shed. Small bags should be packed outside the shed.
3. After each injection of carbon and ammonia, the solution with a very slow chemical reaction is removed from the shed, carbon ammonia is added to make it react, and then poured into the shed with water for forced fertilization.
4. Due to strong sulfuric acid corrosion, avoid using metal appliances.

When carbon dioxide gas is used, it is best to use a carbon dioxide recorder to measure the gas in the greenhouse. A reasonable amount can be used to ensure the growth of the vegetables. This will help increase the yield and quality of the vegetables.

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