Hanma Power: Loading Hualing with a strong "heart"

Hanma Power Engine is one of the core products of Valin. “Leading in technology and pursuing excellence”, the corporate philosophy that Valin Xingma has always adhered to is fully reflected in the development process of the Hanma engine .

In recent years, new companies for heavy-duty trucks have emerged in the country. Few companies dare to build vehicles and build engines. They adopt or purchase, or joint venture, or joint ventures. Without Valin, which is backed by Daewoo Automobile Group, it dares not rely on mountains or alliances with multinational companies to independently develop and produce engines.

Advanced engine technology is not outdated

Relatively speaking, it is easy to build a complete vehicle and it is difficult to build an engine. Although many people in the industry have noticed that Hualing will make a big move, nobody expects that Valin Xingma will invest its energy into the engine.

Valin started its engine project in 2007. After five years of research and development, the company launched the Hanma engine in 2012 and has been promoting it nationwide since 2013. The current market for this engine product reflects well.

Lu Lin, deputy director of the Hualing Hanma Power Engine Research Institute, interviewed this reporter recently to review the research and development process of the Hanma Power Engine. He said that in the preliminary investigation process, Chairman Liu Hanru took them to study abroad and investigated several The home R&D institutions have their own advantages. At that time, European emissions implemented Euro IV standards. They visited the entire factory and went to research institutions for research. Comparing the technical paths of several R&D institutions, the technical solution was finalized. Engine emissions determine the Euro IV and Euro V emission standards, and reserve the potential for upgrading Euro VI standards.

The overall technology of the Hanma Power Engine is aligned with the new European engine technology route. "Not only considering the advanced technology of the engine, but also achieving mass production. Because there is still a long way to go from design to production, it must be a mature model, and finally choose AVL as the introduction model." Lu Lin said.

Hanma Power Engine has a leading edge

Hanma Power refers to the technical route of European engines and has leading advantages in terms of fuel economy, safety, and emissions.

Lu Lin introduced that the technical trend of European engines is the large torque ratio. After the high torque and small speed ratio reduce the rated speed to a relatively low speed area, the area of ​​the low fuel consumption area of ​​the engine is enlarged, and then through the optimized matching of the engine and the transmission and the axle, a small speed ratio transmission bridge is used to reduce the speed ratio of the transmission system. More efficient transmission. Through the reasonable matching of engines, transmissions, axles, and tires, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is reduced.

Hanma Power adopts in-line 6-cylinder, direct-injection pressurization and intercooling, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, integral cylinder head 4 valves, reverse flow, double water jacket, overhead camshaft with in-cylinder brake, rear gear chamber; The cylinder body adopts a gantry-type symmetrical hollow cavity structure.

Hualing heavy truck equipped with Hanma power engine adopts in-cylinder braking technology, so the car can achieve better braking effect without having to step on the brakes during driving downhill. Compared to vehicles that use exhaust brakes, Hualing's trucks equipped with Han Ma's power engines not only reduce friction on the brake pads, but also reduce driver's driving intensity and significantly increase vehicle safety.

Lu Lin told reporters that according to the situation of their return visits, the user feedback on the characteristics of Hanma Power's low-speed high torque and in-cylinder braking are very good. Especially in Chongqing, where there are many ramps and frequent use of brakes, brakes are used more often in long downhill slopes, and the air pressure in the air reservoir will be insufficient to cause brake failure. Some domestic engine exhaust brakes are installed on the exhaust pipe, and there is a phenomenon that the seal of the exhaust brake is damaged, causing the exhaust brake not to be used properly. The heavy-duty truck brake system fitted with Hanma Power controls the opening and closing of the exhaust valve through the cylinder. This will not happen, and it will be more efficient and reliable.

The R&D process is to find and solve problems

"Through the development and production of Hanma Power, we have not only introduced and absorbed foreign advanced and mature engine technology, but also are familiar with the engine technology development process." Reviewing the development process of Hanma Power, Lu Lin said. Since the inception of the Hanma Power Engine products, it has passed the inspection of the National Testing Center and the provincial technical appraisal organized by the Anhui Science and Technology Department. At the provincial technical appraisal meeting specifically for the Hanma Dynamics Organization, an appraisal committee composed of 8 experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a very high rating to the Hanma Power Engine. Experts believe that the Hanma power engine adopts a double water jacket integrated cylinder head to improve the rigidity of the whole machine; the cylinder body adopts a gantry type symmetry belt hollow cavity structure to improve the rigidity of the body and reduce the weight of the whole machine. Experts believe that the technical level of this product has reached the international advanced level, and it has played a role in promoting technological progress in the industry.

For the next step, Lu Lin told reporters that apart from continuing to optimize the performance of the engine, there is still another job to promote the fuel-saving performance of the product to users. The performance of the engine has to be maximized by the driver's better operation. "When visiting the driver, the concept of fuel economy is promoted to the user fleet, and whether the user can achieve the best fuel economy can be reflected by the specific operation of the driver." Lu Lin said, "For example, there is a transportation company that uses the Hanma The power of the cement mixer is relatively high and we recalled the fuel consumption record of the vehicle and found that the team of the transportation company dispatched vehicles to the construction site, the road conditions on the construction site were not good, and other brands of transportation vehicles were sometimes anchored on the construction site. The car has special characteristics, and it is necessary to maintain the rotation of the mixer drum during transportation so as to ensure that the conveyed concrete will not solidify, and that the car will continue to run and the fuel consumption will be very high.Some cars even wait at the construction site for 7 hours. Such information was not fed back to the team in a timely manner and the team continued to dispatch vehicles. We have proposed to strengthen driver management and cultivate the driver's good driving habits,” said Lu Lin.

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