How to make home life, but teach you five strokes

How to make your home pass, teach you five strokes - Mianyang Decoration Company - Sichuan Dream Space Decoration Home is like putting clothes on a house, turning a makeup, the trend changes quickly, if you are busy working all day, then home " Makeup will inevitably take very little time to consider. Therefore, it is suggested that this issue be solved in a way that does not change.
1, to ensure comfort The body can be exposed to the soft, bright and bright eyes can be seen, the ear can hear the melodious, can be the first choice for home furnishings, with the epidemic factors will never be late.
2. Pure Color In a light-filled world, white is full-color, but it is also this color that gives people a lot of inspiration and is always popular. In home furnishings, if you want to use color to win, the easiest way is to mask many shortcomings with this simple tone (market effect map). In short, the simpler, simpler, pure color, the more classic. This is an irrefutable truth.
3, the classical style of your home style also need to have a definite target background, other things to do accessories, such as alternative friends, modern friends, calm friends and so on. To say which style is most resistant to fashion, of course, devaluation is classical. The reason is very simple. After the transformation of time and time, it is always a classic. Its sense of history shows everything. In this context, it is not necessary to consider that furniture will be eliminated because the longer the age, the more obvious its role will be.
4. For practical purposes, pragmatism and romanticism cannot coexist, but if romance impedes real life, choosing practicality is better because romantic things are time-efficient. Really useful things will not be abandoned. There are not many places in the home where romance can exist. Everything is based on ease of use. This will not only improve the inner quality but also get real value.
5, simple material If you are hesitant in the issue of accessories, it is better to use the most simple material to embellish, always keep fresh, not only can you never get tired, you can always feel the pleasure brought by simple.

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