Infrared Thermal Imager Safer

As a new method of temperature measurement, infrared thermal imager is widely used not only in high-temperature and high-heat industries such as metallurgy and petrochemical industry, but also in electronics industry and scientific research institutions. In recent years, infrared thermal imaging cameras have been gradually applied to the field of security by virtue of their powerful functions, bringing new changes to the security field.

First, infrared thermal imager applied to traffic monitoring Because the infrared thermal imager can also identify the target at night, so use the infrared thermal imager to monitor the vehicles on the road, in order to adjust the traffic time of the traffic light, not only It helps to reduce traffic congestion and effectively avoid traffic accidents caused by vehicle congestion.

Second, the infrared camera to ensure traffic safety due to the weather, sight, eye fatigue and other reasons, the safety of driving at night decreased. However, if an on-line infrared camera is installed in the vehicle, it can clearly identify targets such as vehicles or people in front, greatly improving the safety of driving at night.

Third, infrared thermal imager for anti-theft monitoring As long as there is a temperature difference, infrared thermal imager can identify. Using this feature of infrared thermal imager, we can use infrared thermal imager instead of the conventional video surveillance equipment to carry out anti-theft monitoring, such as warehouse, community security and so on. The benefit of using an infrared camera as a security monitor is that night monitoring is more reliable and reduces the false alarm rate.

Fourth, the thermal imaging camera to ensure the safety of law enforcement and investigators If criminals hide in the woods or grass, it is difficult to see with the naked eye, if it is at night, not to mention. However, detecting with an infrared camera is not the same, because the infrared camera can “feel” the body temperature of the criminals and display it on the infrared camera in the form of an infrared heat map. This provides the scouts with information. Valuable information to ensure that they improve their safety awareness in the process of handling the case.

5. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are generally unknown to fire detection before they occur. Through routine testing, it is difficult for people to discover the signs of fire. However, with the use of an infrared thermal imaging camera, it is possible to quickly and accurately find the hot spots, discover hidden dangers of fire, and protect personal and property safety.

VI. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are used in airport security. Compared with other modes of transportation, the security before flight is always the most stringent. Due to the high mobility of airport personnel, personnel from all countries have. In order to prevent terrorist attacks and the spread of some epidemics (such as bird flu), airports have generally equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras to enhance night-time monitoring and detection of human body temperature. This makes airport security more secure.

Wall Roll Forming Machine
Descriptions of Roll Forming Machine for Wall Panel:
1.This kind of Cold Roll Forming Machine(Wall Panel Machine) is widely used for making various metal wall panels for steel constructions, steel structure projects and containment systems etc.
2. This production line consists of feeding unit, uncoiler, feeding guide, roll forming machine, cutter, automatic stacker, hydraulic system and electric control system.
3. The line speed of this panel forming machine is 40m/min.
Components of Roll Forming Machine for Wall Panel:
1) Un-coiler:
Electric un-coiler, with coil-car
Load capacity = Max.10Tons;
2) Roll forming machine:
About 18steps to form;
Material of Roller: 45# steel with chromizing on surface
Voltage:380V/50Hz; Main line speed: 30m/min;
3) Hydraulic cutter:
1) Stop to cut, Post cut,
2) Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
4) PLC control system:
Using Mitsubishi PLC Control the quantity, length automatically, LCD screen; remote control available.


Wall Roll Forming Machine

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