· Tesla and China Merchants Bank to carry out car loan cooperation

Tesla will cooperate with China Merchants Bank. From June 3, Model S's Chinese subscribers can purchase cars through China Merchants Bank, with a minimum down payment of 30% and a maximum of 4 years.
Tesla currently sells three Model S models in China, of which the 60kWh version starts at RMB 648,000, and the two high-end models 85kWh and 85kWh Performance start at RMB 734,000 and RMB 85.25, respectively. The estimated value-added tax for the configuration is 99,000 yuan, 108,500 yuan, and 124,000 yuan. On June 3, Tesla China official website opened the loan calculator option. Chinese car booking users have the option of buying a car in two ways: loan and cash. Among them, the down payment method is divided into 30%, 35%, 40% and 45%. The repayment period is also divided into 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years. Take the entry-level 60kWh standard as an example. If the user chooses the minimum down payment of 30%, the 48-month repayment period, the monthly monthly supply is 9,920 yuan; for the 12-month repayment period, the monthly monthly payment is 35,609 yuan.
Tesla also said that because electric vehicles can save fuel costs and vehicle and vessel use taxes and other costs, the overall savings compared to traditional cars can save about 1055 yuan per month, so the average monthly user purchase cost will also decrease.

Dot matrix marking machine adopts micro-impact technology to carry out text, English characters, Arabic numerals, special symbols and graphics on the surface of the workpiece, which can automatically print serial number, international standard VIN number and dot matrix.
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Dot-matrix marking machine USES intelligent software to control the marking, and the printing position can be quickly and accurately moved to the corresponding position by the software preview and alignment function. At the same time software specific functions, the use of personnel in the work can be flexible setting marking content.
The operation is simple, the marking effect is standard and beautiful, the use of dot matrix marking machine can make the marking products in the external image to get better promotion, can also be the product identification for anti-counterfeiting.

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