Zhongheng Power Luchuan diesel generators safe for the summer

Zhong Heng Luchuan diesel generators how to safe summer
Many users are still unfamiliar with the knowledge of diesel seasonal changes. Correct diesel engines can increase their service life. Weifang Huaquan Dynamic teaches you some knowledge about the diesel season change.
1. Rotate the oil indicator. Any diesel engine engraved with the "Winter and Summer" rotation indicator in the lubricating oil circuit (generally installed at the filter) should be rotated to point to the word "summer" in order to realize a large oil circulation. This can effectively avoid the engine oil temperature is too high and lead to lower oil pressure, reduce the phenomenon of wear parts.
2. Sanitary cleaning. Remove the insulation and perform a sanitary cleaning on the diesel engine. Clean dirt, debris, grease, and wash your face once. During the process of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, loose nuts, rivets, and defects on the exterior can be found and replaced and repaired.
3. Clean three filters and three nets. Air filters, diesel filters, and oil filters are commonly referred to as triple filters. The main points of attention when cleaning the three filters are as follows: 1 The three filters are paper filter elements, except that the air filter element is used after cleaning, and the others are better to replace new ones. 2 Metal filters, filter elements, can only be cleaned with clean oil, brush or gas cylinder, use gas to blow out dirt, must not be fired. “Triple-net” refers to the filter screen for diesel injection ports, oil injection ports, and exhaust gas outlets, and should be cleaned to ensure smooth access.
4. Use zero diesel fuel. The recent weather is characterized by a rapid rise in temperature, diesel engine fuel adaptability is getting better and better, using zero diesel, can reduce costs and increase user revenue.
5. Change the oil. Due to the large number of diesel engine types, specifications, and models, the requirements for the used oil are not consistent. Now two replacement methods are proposed:
1If there is no explicit requirement for oil in the diesel manual or there is no “winter or summer” distinction, the engine oil should be released after the engine has been hot or after the operation is completed, and the water temperature should be at about 80 degrees, and not less than 24 hours. Precipitate and add it back to use. Precipitated oil base should be drained and new oil should be added when the amount of oil is insufficient.
2 In the diesel manual, if there is winter or summer oil, the engine oil should be replaced and used. The method is: to make the water temperature of the diesel engine reach eighty degrees, and then put the engine oil on hot oil (be careful not to burn hands). Wait 30 minutes, tighten the drain plug, add the same amount of diesel oil to the oil pan, and run at medium speed for 1 to 2 minutes. The cleaned diesel oil will be released and used for washing. In this way, the oil can be drained and cleaned, and the oil passage can be unimpeded, which creates the conditions for the fault-free operation of the lubricant. Add summer oil.
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