Grain processing industry added "drying tool"

On July 12, Anhui Jinxi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference in Hefei to launch the company's fourth-generation dryer. The new models have significantly improved in technical performance. The drying speed is faster and shorter, and they can meet the needs of customers. All performance indicators are beyond the specifications of the Ministry of Agriculture's industry standards. Distributors and users from all over the country participated in this new product sharing event.

Since 2005, the research and development of Jinxi brand batch-type circulating grain dryer has passed nearly 10 years. Its products have nearly 3,000 units in the national market. At present, Jinxi Machinery has eight types of batch-type circulating grain dryers, 300,000 kcal, 45 kcal, and 10 tons, 12.5 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 35 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons and 100 tons. 600,000 kcal, 900,000 kcal coal, rice husk dual-use hot stove. The fourth generation of the 5HX-15 Batch Cycle Grain Dryer is now an upgraded version of the 5HXG-15.

It is understood that this new product has major improvements over old products in many aspects: on the timber, stainless steel materials with better abrasion resistance are used in the main parts that are in full contact with grain; structurally, mesh openings have been improved, and The speed of the grain feeder has increased the conveying volume of the lower auger, increased the lifting capacity of the elevator, and removed the upper screw conveying structure. This series of improvements can speed up the drying of moisture, improve the drying uniformity, and reduce the grain. Broken rate.

In order to solve the problem of rice popping probability and damage, and also to solve the uneven moisture drying, the new product has increased the automatic frequency conversion structure of the allocated grain. Jin Wingyao, Technical Director of Jinxi, introduced: “When the grain is at a high water point, its moisture is emitted quickly. What is needed is a fast circulation rate and a short residence time of the grain in the dry layer. When the moisture point reaches a certain value At the time (usually at 20 o'clock), the moisture evaporates slowly, requires a relatively low circulation speed, and prolongs the residence time of the grain in the dry layer so that it can absorb more heat and allow water to radiate from the inside to the outside. No need for human intervention. After trials, the results are very satisfactory."

The new and improved products introduced by Jinxi Company have improved greatly in terms of structure, durability, overall performance, and control, compared with the older models. At the event site, dealers and users have a great interest in new models. With great enthusiasm, the on-site signing was extremely hot and there were 336 orders on the spot. Deng Zhen, from Jiangbei Rice Industry, Yueyang, Hunan, said with excitement: “I started using Jinxi's dryer in 2012 and put on four 12.5-ton dryers, which are very satisfied with the quality, function and service of Jinxi. I am very looking forward to the new product released this time, ready to go up to a few more."

Zinc Alloy Die Castings

Zinc alloy die castings parts are widely used in Automotive, lamp shade power tools, household appliances and various accessories.

The features of Zinc alloy die castings are as follows:

1). High Density;
2)Good Casting performance, complex shapes can be die-casting, precision parts, thin-walled castings smooth surface.
3). Good surface after finish surface finished, such as: chrome plated, spray, spray paint.
4) Melting and die-casting iron absorption, pressure-type non-corrosive, non-stick mold.
5) has good mechanical properties at room temperature and abrasion resistance.
6)Low melting point, melting at 385°C easily die casting.

More about Zinc Alloy Die Castings

Zinc Alloy Die Castings have a good surface roughness, strength and elongation, Which are widely used in a variety of ornaments, such as furniture, accessories, door handle ,architectural decoration, bathroom accessories, lighting parts, toys, tie clips, belt buckles, various metal buckle and so on,they are required a good surface treatment performance. The traditional zinc alloy die-casting material are Zamak 2,3,5,7, the Zamak 3 is the most widely used in different industries,

Zamak 3: Zinc Alloy Die Casting have a good fluidity and mechanical properties. Used in casting of low mechanical strength, such as toys, lamps, decorations, some electrical parts.

Zamak 5: Zinc Alloy Die Casting have a good mobility and good mechanical properties. Applied to certain requirements of the mechanical strength of castings, such as auto parts, electrical and mechanical parts, mechanical parts, electrical components.

Zamak 2: Zinc Alloy Die Casting have a there are special requirements for mechanical properties, hardness, wear resistance, dimensional accuracy requirements of the mechanical parts

ZA8: Zinc Alloy Die Casting have a good flowability and dimensional stability, but less liquid. Used in die casting, small size, accuracy and mechanical strength demanding workpieces, such as electrical appliances.Superloy: the best mobility, applied to the die-casting thin-walled, large-size, high precision, complex shape of the workpiece, such as electrical components of the box.

Different zinc alloys have different physical and mechanical properties, such as die casting design provides room for choice. The same time, the choice of the zinc alloy is more important to select what kind of zinc alloy, mainly from three aspects to consider.

1,Zinc Alloy Die Castings have their own purposes, need to meet the performance requirements.
(1) mechanical properties, tensile strength, when the material fracture resistance;Elongation, brittleness and plasticity of the measure;Hardness is the resistance of the material surface is pressed into a hard object or friction caused by plastic deformation.
(2) state of the working environment: temperature, humidity, media contact with the workpiece and air tightness requirements.
(3) precision: accuracy and dimensional stability can be achieved.

2,process performance of Zinc Alloy Die Castings:
(1) casting process;
(2) mechanical processes;
(3) surface treatment.

3, Economic good: the cost of raw materials and production equipment requirements (including smelting equipment, die casting machine, mold, etc.), as well as production costs.

Zinc Alloy Die Castings

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