Four steps maintenance high pressure cleaning car

1. It is to clear away the remains of the car body. You can use the all-round descaling water to wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Then wring out the dustless cotton cloth with the car wash liquid, dry the car paint along the direction perpendicular to the car's driving direction. Car wash on the surface. Finally, rinse the car wash thoroughly with plenty of clean water, and dry it with a synthetic sheepskin towel. Wipe dry to achieve the whole car water-free traces, glass stains; 2. High-pressure water gun cleaning, is the use of high-pressure water gun from top to bottom will be contaminated in the body surface of the sand washed away, then rinse the back of the car body, and finally wash the lower part. This step is to pay attention to the need to fully flush the chassis and thoroughly clean the edges, bends, fenders, etc. Particular care should be taken to thoroughly clean the mud, sand and dirt around the wheels and brake discs, fenders, front grilles, door frames, and skirts.
3 is to wipe, use a car wash sponge shampoo car shampoo, wipe the body again, if contaminated objects are not easy to remove, you can repeatedly wipe, pay attention to wipe the body up and down the sponge to be used separately, so as not to scratch the body under the sand paint body paint. Then rinse with high-pressure water, especially to clean the car seams, foam and other residues at the corner;
4. Apply liquid to spill the shampoo car wash on the body. There are two methods, one is to use multi-functional high-pressure foam washing machine, spray evenly, to the upper and lower regularly shaking nozzle; the second is manual preparation, that is, according to a certain proportion of shampoo car wash liquid, do not use washing powder, soapy water, Dewaxing detergent.
In the case of flushing the grille in front of the car with a high-pressure cleaner, misty water flow should be used. Water column should not be flushed against the fins of the water tank or condenser. If the plastic arch cover is installed on the fender, it should be removed and cleaned. Thoroughly clean the mudguard and the inside of the fenders.

Dismantling joints allow for longitudinal adjustments on flanged pipe systems. They provide greater flexibility for the installation and removal of valves, flow meters and pumps

Once a flanged end of the Dismantling Joint is secured, the collar is able to slide back and forth to reach the desired length. Connecting rods are used through the flanged system for added rigidity.We offer All Flange Dismantling Joint and Double Flange Dismantling Joint .

dismantling joint

Dismantling Joint

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