Facebook Update for Android Adds a Cover Feed

Perhaps considering that Facebook Home has not been widely used since its launch, Facebook will add Facebook Home's Cover Feed interface in its recent updates, allowing users to view Facebook friends’ updates status or respond to Facebook messages by swiping when the phone is locked. .
According to the current Facebook version of the Android update display, the Facebook Home Cover Feed interface will be added so that users can still browse through the Facebook friend updates during the locked state of the mobile phone, or respond to Facebook friends sending messages. As far as the Facebook Feed interface provided by Facebook is concerned, swiping up will turn the phone unlocked instead of entering the App List.
However, fortunately, this update does not force the use of the Cover Feed interface. Instead, it provides the user with a check in the Facebook Settings item. However, if you change the Cover Feed interface into a mobile phone, there will still be content privacy concerns.
Currently, this feature only corresponds to Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, HTC One X, HTC One X+, and the new HTC One.

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