Wuhan Ethylene Extraction Plant of 350,000 Tons Drives Successfully

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China Drying Network At 7 o'clock on the August 3rd, Wuhan's 800,000-ton ethylene 350,000-ton/year aromatics extraction plant successfully produced high-grade "triphenyl", which is also the 8th set of Wuhan Ethylene Production Unit 11 started successfully. Device.

The aromatics extraction plant began production at 9:45 on August 1. After a series of reactions, the primary product, mixed aromatics, was produced and then separated into higher-purity end products: benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, by-product raffinate and C9-aromatic hydrocarbons with an annual output of 350,000 tons. According to the latest analytical test results, the purity of benzene is 99.92%, toluene is 99.90%, and the mixed xylene is 99.96%. The triphenyl product produced by Wuhan Ethylene fully meets the requirements of the national regulations.

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