Aircraft carrier trials trigger new opportunities and challenges for CNC cutting machines

Varyag's aircraft carrier began sea trials, which means that China's first aircraft carrier has made a major breakthrough. From the trial flights, we will think that the aircraft carrier trial will bring greater opportunities and challenges to the CNC cutting machine manufacturers. The following analysis by the tyrant Xiao Bian.
Opportunity: It is well known that the manufacturing materials of aircraft carriers require steel plates. For the time being, it does not consider which type of steel material is used. Therefore, it must be cut in the manufacturing process. The success of this trial will also involve a problem, that is, afterwards. Do you need mass production? This will bring huge opportunities for CNC cutting machine manufacturers in China.
Challenge: Before Xiaobai Xiaobian learned about the steel plate material needed for aircraft carrier manufacturing, its steel also has many special requirements, such as resistance to seawater corrosion, to magnetic, high temperature resistance, to have a high strength and toughness and good Welding performance and so on, so the steel plate used is not ordinary steel plate, so this will bring greater challenges to the manufacturer of CNC cutting machine. Who can develop the steel plate cutting this material, who will win, the opportunity Coexisting with challenges, the next step is the contest of strength.
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