Comparison between laser spot light guide plate and printed light guide plate

What is the difference between a light guide plate produced by a light guide plate laser spotting machine and a screen printed light guide plate?
First, long service life. Engraving is a physical process. The service life of the light guide plate is mainly related to the quality of the organic glass substrate. Printing plates often cannot be used for long periods of time. For example, most of the ultra-thin light boxes for printing plates that have been used in Beijing subway stations for less than two years have experienced serious drop in light transmittance.

Second, the light guide is more uniform and the light guide effect is better. In the case of the same thickness, the light guide effect of the laser light guide plate is obviously better than that of the print plate. Especially with large format specifications, the light guide rate is better and the performance is more stable.

Thirdly, each type of printed light guide plate must be separately plated, and the finished product cannot be cut at will. Therefore, there are shortcomings in the application. The light guide plate made by using the light guide plate laser spotting machine can be manufactured in whole pages and can be cut and used at will, and special plates can also be produced in separate specifications. Take a flexible process. For products with large production quantities but many specifications, such as luminous labels, the advantages are obvious.

Fourth, the light guide plate laser spotting machine can use a personalized dot-type design, the effect is better, effective use of the dense reflection around the small point, the middle of the large point of the twisted edge function, no dark lines and black holes. And can make special effects.

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