China's vacuum equipment market has broad prospects

China's vacuum equipment market has broad prospects
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Domestic and foreign heat treatment industry generally believe that the development prospect of traditional heat treatment is vacuum heat treatment. At present, the total amount of vacuum heat treatment for steel products in developed countries exceeds 10% of the total amount of steel. This figure is less than 0.1% in China, which means that China needs about 100,000 tons of metal parts for vacuum heat treatment. During the "five" period, this figure will also increase substantially. Domestic vacuum heat treatment equipment can not fully meet the needs in terms of quality and level. Some key national projects and some military enterprises still need to import some vacuum heat treatment equipment. In the future, China will devote itself to the development of vacuum high pressure gas quenching heat treatment technology and intelligent control system, vacuum continuous heat treatment production line and intelligent control system, vacuum high temperature and high pressure sintering furnace technology and vacuum isothermal heat treatment technology, etc. The future of vacuum heat treatment technology in China is very promising. broad. At the same time, the automobile industry is currently a hot industry in China. During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, the automobile industry will rapidly develop as a pillar industry of the national economy.

It is predicted that by 2005, the demand for automobiles in China will be around 310-330 million. The car-based production system will gradually form and it will face a historic stage of development. Therefore, as the basis for the development of the automotive industry, auto parts and components will also develop rapidly, and higher demands will be placed on the surface treatment and overall reinforcement of tools, molds, cutting tools and components. As a result, there is a market demand for various types of vacuum equipment such as vacuum heat treatment equipment, vacuum sintering equipment, vacuum brazing equipment, vacuum coating equipment, and vacuum automotive emergency brake devices. It is expected that during the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, the demand for vacuum heat treatment equipment will exceed 2,000 units, and the output value will exceed RMB 1 billion.

Vacuum processing in the electrical industry plays a key role in the performance of many electrical equipment and components such as motors, cables, transformers, switches, and transformers in the electrical industry, and can improve the insulation, heat dissipation, and mechanical and electrical properties of products. In China, vacuum drying, vacuum casting, vacuum pressure impregnation, vacuum filling, and oil processing services for the transformer and transformer industries are currently involved. During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, the goal of China's motor manufacturing industry is to increase variety, improve quality, reduce energy consumption and material consumption, and expand exports. The annual output of the motor industry is about 1 billion kilowatts, and it is estimated that 100 million kilowatts of motors will use VPI technology (vacuum pressure impregnation) requiring 300-350 sets of VPI equipment. China currently has about 150 sets (including the introduction of 18 sets). During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, a market demand of hundreds of millions will be formed.

Electronic information industry The total output value of China's electronic information industry increased by more than 10 times from 1991 to 2000, and it is expected that the sales revenue will reach 990 billion yuan in 2002, an increase of 20% from 2001. Become one of the fastest growing pillar industries. However, it can be seen from the above application area diagram that China's vacuum equipment is far from meeting the needs of the electronic information industry. Vacuum equipment used in the electronics industry accounts for only 13%, while in Japan, 62% of vacuum equipment is used for semiconductors. industry. In the electronic information industry, semiconductors and integrated circuits are important components. According to forecast, by 2010, China will become the world's second largest semiconductor integrated circuit market, with a total demand of more than 100 billion, reaching a total amount of more than 100 billion US dollars. In other words, China needs to build more than 30 large-scale production lines to meet demand. A total of four chip factories have recently started work in Beijing and Shanghai.

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