· Plug-in hybrids act as a private market "Icebreaker"

Under the background of a number of favorable policies, the new energy automobile industry will usher in a period of rapid growth. According to industry optimists, with the gradual opening of the private consumer market, the sales of new energy vehicles are expected to reach 70,000 to 80,000 this year.
In the process, plug-in hybrids will be the icebreaker to open the private consumer market. At the first electric vehicle industry development summit forum held recently, some insiders pointed out that compared with pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid products have lower dependence on charging piles, so the current development of supporting facilities is not perfect. Plug-in hybrid products are more easily accepted by consumers.
In addition, the reporter noted that due to the special nature of plug-in hybrid products, consumers can use both pure electric vehicles and hybrid products, and have an advantage over the fuel consumption of traditional fuel vehicles. Therefore, there is a view that plug-in hybrid vehicles will be the main products in new energy vehicles in the next five years. Under the pressure of the production and sales targets of 500,000 new energy vehicles in 2015, this trend may be forced to fade some cities. The threshold setting for this type of vehicle.
Plug-in hybrid vehicle promotion advantage "Although the country is vigorously promoting the construction of charging piles, there will still be many difficulties in implementation." Chen Quanshi, director of the Electric Vehicle Branch of the Chinese Engineering Society and director of the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, recently Said to reporters.
It is understood that in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other key energy promotion cities, most car companies can provide charging pile installation services for consumers, but before this, users need to communicate with the community property, but because of the current charging pile It is not popularized in the private sector. Due to security risks, residential properties are often difficult to approve. In addition, charging piles often require consumers to have independent fixed parking spaces and can install independent plug-in boxes, but currently take the lead in new energy vehicles. In the first- and second-tier cities where the demonstrations are promoted, the parking space resources are generally scarce, and there are not many users who satisfy this situation.
Taking Beijing as an example, third-party data collection results show that in Beijing, 108 people applied for charging piles in the first half of this year, but only 8 people were successfully installed. Due to Beijing regulations, the premise of the user to pick up the car is that the charging problem needs to be solved, so most consumers who fail to install will give up buying new energy vehicles.
“Plug-in hybrids may become a practical solution.” Zeng Zhiling, general manager of LMC Automotive Market Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. told reporters that plug-in hybrids are more dependent on charging facilities than pure electric vehicles. It is low, so it is easier to promote in the early stage of industrial development.
As a representative product of plug-in hybrid power, the pure electric cruising range of SAIC Roewe 550PLUG-IN under comprehensive working conditions is 58km, which can meet the travel demand of ordinary cities. When the power is insufficient, 550PLUG-IN can also be used as oil and electricity. Used in hybrid products, the car has a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers, and its fuel consumption is reduced by 70% compared with conventional cars. In fact, in Shanghai and other regions, some consumers even use SAIC Roewe 550PLUG-IN and BYD [0.56% fund research report] Qin as a traditional fuel vehicle.
Sales volume increased by 25.5 percentage points. "The product characteristics of plug-in hybrid vehicles determine that it is easier to win consumers' favor. Therefore, with a little support from the policy, it can be quickly increased." Zeng Zhiling said.
According to the reporter, the current purchase of plug-in hybrid products in Shanghai can not only enjoy the national subsidy of 33.25 million yuan, but also enjoy the local subsidy of 30,000 yuan, while enjoying the free Shanghai license, exempt from purchase tax and other benefits. policy.
According to the official data of SAIC passenger cars, Roewe 550PLUG-IN sold nearly 800 vehicles in Shanghai for 4 months, with orders exceeding 1,000, and nearly 90% of them are private consumers. According to data from the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, from January to August this year, BYD Qin sales reached 7,773 vehicles. In the first half of the year, BYD's new energy vehicle market share reached 37%, of which the plug-in hybrid market share was more than 60%.
With the rapid growth of plug-in hybrid products, its contribution to the overall sales of new energy vehicles has also expanded. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the first half of 2014, China's new energy vehicles sold 20,477 vehicles, a 2.2-fold increase over the same period of the previous year. Among them, plug-in hybrid vehicles sold 8,700 units, accounting for 42.5%, an increase of 25.5 percentage points compared with 17% last year.
However, the plug-in hybrid products represented by BYD Qin and Roewe 550 PLUG-IN are not in line with the Beijing New Energy Vehicles selection criteria, so they cannot enjoy local subsidies and individual swaying policies. As the capital, Beijing is the new energy market. The demonstration of the role can not be ignored.
"Currently, the rapid growth of plug-in hybrid vehicles will force Beijing to release subsidies for this type of products." Zeng Zhiling told reporters that according to China's new energy vehicle industry planning goals, by 2015, new energy sources The production and sales of automobiles will reach 500,000 units. "From the current sales situation, there is still a big gap with this goal. As this time node approaches, the promotion pressure of local governments will increase, so the relaxation of subsidy threshold will become an inevitable choice."
According to reports, Beijing is currently studying the access policy for plug-in hybrid vehicles. If the threshold for Beijing's key energy vehicle development cities is released, the sales of plug-in hybrids will reach a new level.

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