Use the car knowledge winter how to maintain the car

The cold winter has arrived and vehicle maintenance is undoubtedly the most concerned topic for car owners. After the vehicle has passed the warranty period, some failures will inevitably occur. Automobiles need “three-point repairs and seven-point support”. Through active inspection and maintenance, it is necessary to discover and eliminate some initial, hidden and hidden failures.

Pay more attention to parking and starting the vehicle

When parking at night, try to avoid parking the vehicle at the tuyere because the vehicles are all made of metal, especially inside the cylinder of the engine. After a night's blow and low temperature, the metal's endothermic character and conductivity will cause frost inside the engine. The internal temperature will drop very low, which will not only bring great difficulties to the start of the engine, but also cause great damage to the engine itself. Therefore, try not to drive or hit the throttle immediately after starting the vehicle in winter, because the oil is transported to various parts through the oil pump. If it is not well lubricated, it will cause serious damage to the various parts of the vehicle.

Eliminate fog, often check the lights, pay attention to the line of sight

The most common problem in winter driving is the mist in the glass of the vehicle, which makes the owner's vision unclear, and thus brings hidden danger to traffic safety. At this point, you can place the temperature knob in the warm air position to achieve both defogging and warming. Light inspections mainly include fog lights, headlights, and high-level brake lights. Once a blackened light bulb is discovered, it must be replaced as soon as possible. Ordinary halogen headlamps generally use light for two years, and the light temperature should be between 5000 and 6000K if the headlights are to be modified. Because the higher the color temperature, the lower the penetration of light in dense fog weather, the greater the potential safety hazard.

Winter should pay attention to tire maintenance

Tyre rubber will become hard and relatively brittle in winter, and the coefficient of friction will decrease, so the tire pressure should not be too high, but it must not be too low. The outside temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tire will seriously accelerate tire aging. Always remove the inclusions in the tread pattern during the winter, try to avoid using tires that have been repaired more than once, and replace the tires that have worn out more and different patterns of different brands. The wear inside and outside the tire varies widely. To ensure safe wear reduction, the tire should be changed regularly.

Currently used heat sink materials are copper and aluminum alloys, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. The thermal conductivity of copper is good, but the price is more expensive, the processing is more difficult, the weight is too large (many copper radiators exceed the CPU's weight limit), the heat capacity is small, and it is easy to oxidize. The pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly, and all aluminum alloys used are able to provide sufficient hardness. The advantages of aluminum alloys are low price and light weight, but the thermal conductivity is much lower than that of copper. Some heatsinks take their own advantage, and a copper plate is embedded on the base of the aluminum alloy heatsink.

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