Relationship between Measurement Value of Chlorophyll Meter and Nitrogen Treatment Level

Leaf nitrogen content is not only a result of crop growth under certain soil moisture and nitrogen conditions, but also has an impact on the photosynthetic rate of crops. It is one of the most active factors in crops. There have been many researches on chlorophyll analyzers for crops such as corn and rice to predict nitrogen deficiency and nitrogen demand, crop growth assessment, and water and fertilizer management measures. According to a large number of field measurements, the SPAD-502 Chlorophyll Analyzer The relationship between the value of padd and the status of crop nitrogen was analyzed and studied.

During the growth period of summer maize (June 23-September 28), the chlorophyll content of the leaves was observed regularly using the SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter, and photosynthetic rate, leaf transpiration rate, and other physical quantities of the summer corn were measured using a photosynthesis instrument. Chlorophyll analyzers were used to periodically determine the amount of nitrogen uptake, biomass, and ammonium and nitrate nitrogen in summer corn.

The N2 nitrogen fertilizer treatment level, different irrigation treatment levels and irrigation levels of different fertilization levels chlorophyll measurement instrument pad value and leaf area index LAI product (representing the total crop chlorophyll content) changes in the process of comparison can be seen in Under the N2 fertilization level, the more adequate farmland water supply (the greater the amount of irrigation water), the higher the total chlorophyll content of the crop, and the more obvious the change with the crop growth stage.

Through the comparison of the changes in the measured spad values ​​of chlorophyll meters measured by N2 fertilization levels, the chlorophyll content (nitrogen content) increased with the increase of irrigation volume, indicating the farmland water supply. Sufficiency is conducive to the exertion of nitrogen fertilizer efficiency. The maximum total chlorophyll content (nitrogen content) was obtained with the N2 fertilization treatment, but the difference between different N treatment trials was not significant. It can be understood that this is due to the lack of soil moisture that limits the use of nitrogen fertilizer utilization efficiency. of.

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