China-Europe Railway will open three channels in the Middle East

China-Europe Railway will open three channels in the Middle East

On the afternoon of November 28th, the Sino-European Railway Operation and Communication Seminar on the Silk Road Economic Belt and the China-European Overland Trade Corridor on the Silk Road Economic Belt were held in Zhengzhou.

At the China-Europe Railway Operation and Communication Symposium on the Silk Road Economic Belt, railroad companies and related operating units along the China-Europe Railways held heated discussions on the development of China-EU classes.

Zhong Cheng, deputy general manager of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., introduced that the number of China-EU classes has increased significantly this year, and the 120 km/h domestic road map opened on the way has reduced the operating time in the domestic segment by nearly 20 hours. In the near future, China-Europe and Bangalore arranged a new operating chart for the class, increased 12 routes, brought the Chinese train line to 19 lines, and the port reloading time was also controlled within 8 hours by both parties, and the entire time was reduced to less than 10 days.

Zhong Cheng also informed the Chinese railway company that it plans to open a train line, will open three routes in the Western Middle East, the western channel from the Chinese Midwest to reach the international container major channel in the European region; the central channel from North China through the Mongolian and Russian Siberian channel A major channel to Europe; the eastern channel from the eastern coastal area of ​​Manchuria to Russia via the Siberian channel to the European channel.

Representatives of railway units from Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and other countries spoke separately to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the corridor partners.

In another branch venue, the China-European trade corridor economic and trade exchange meeting of the Silk Road Economic Belt was in full swing. More than 300 guests jointly watched the new corridor of land trade in the Silk Road Economic Belt - Zhengou International Railway Freight Train "Promotional film.

According to Wang Wenli, director of the Henan Development and Reform Commission's Service Industry Office, Henan has an obvious advantage in comprehensive transportation and an increasing level of opening up. It has the conditions and ability to play a greater role in the construction of a logistics hub in China and Europe, relying on Zhengzhou International Landport to promote Zhengou International Railway Freight Transport. Ban Lie, actively explores the logistics path of the Silk Road and lands, and has made active contributions to the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt with domestic and foreign companies.

Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone Party Committee Secretary and Director of Management Committee Cui Shaoying introduced the basic situation of the National Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Zhao Wenming, Chairman of Henan Materials Group Corporation and General Manager of Zhengzhou International Lugang Development and Construction Co., Ltd. introduced Zheng Europe International Class. In terms of operational status, Shi Zhanyong, deputy director of Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone Management Committee, introduced Zhengzhou's cross-border trade e-commerce pilot business.

Leaders from Russian Railway Logistics, DTT International Freight, Germany's Han Hong Global Logistics, Lianyungang, Alashankou, Yiwu City, and the head of domestic logistics companies made speeches on building logistics and economic cooperation.

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