Study on Seed Dormancy in Artificial Climate Incubator

Seed dormancy is a kind of adaptability to the external environment formed by the organism in the long-term evolution process. It is conducive to organisms crossing the bad environment and making the race breed, but it brings difficulties to human use. At present, there is still no clear conclusion about the mechanism of seed dormancy. The germination rate and the characteristics of sleep and rest were studied in an artificial climatic incubator by selecting a certain crow's seed.

The suitable seed germination conditions for the break-sleeping seeds were germination experiments when the seeds of G and CK were treated at the embryonic rate of 70%. G, CK2 seeds were germinated at 10°C, 10°C dark, 15°C light, and 15°C dark, and germination started at about 10 days in the artificial climatic incubator. The germination rate was high under dark conditions at 10°C, 15°C, and 15°C, but the germination index was highest at 10°C dark and 15°C dark conditions.

In artificial climate incubators, the seed germination rate was also higher at 5 °C in the dark, but the germination started longer and the germination index was lower. The seed germination rate was significantly reduced under dark and natural conditions at 20°C. The seeds did not germinate under dark conditions at 25°C. It was found that the high temperature was not conducive to the germination of the dormant crow and the suitable germination conditions were darkness at 10°C and darkness at 15°C. The 8000lx light intensity condition has inhibitory effect on the seed germination of Lao.

Light intensity of 8000 lx per day for 12 h had inhibitory effects on the seed germination of C. oleifera, which may be due to the turbid seeds of L. edulis genus, and may be due to light intensity, which needs further study. In the artificial climatic incubator test, 25°C and 5°C stratification treatment was conducted at 25°C for 70 days before transferring to a 5°C environment. The seed-breaking effect was good, but the critical high-temperature time required for seeds could be further explored in the future. .

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