Air compressor valve failure air compressor in operation

Air compressor valve failure During the operation of the air compressor, the most vulnerable parts are the intake valve and the exhaust valve. Mainly manifested in: (1) air filter screen damage, mechanical impurities inhaled from the suction port, padding the valve plate, so that the valve plate is not tightly sealed, can not do work; (2) high ambient temperature or insufficient cooling water flow, The light components in the air compressor oil are volatilized to form carbon deposits, and the small particles of carbon deposits cover the valve plate, so that the valve plate is not tightly sealed and can not do work; (3) the annular stainless steel valve plate is completed by the spring force. Gas and exhaust gas can't do work; (4) The annular valve piece can not work due to fatigue and fracture, and can't do work; (5) Due to wear, the gap between the valve seat and the valve plate increases, causing air leakage and not working. Any kind of failure of the valve will cause pressure failure at all levels, and accidents may occur in severe cases.

Correctly judge the failure of the suction and exhaust valves of the air compressor. Because there are more air valves in the air compressor, how to judge which one of the valves is faulty, mainly from the following aspects. Observe the pressure indication of the pressure gauge. Under normal conditions, the first-stage pressure is 0.18-0.25MPa. The secondary pressure is faulty for the gas valve, and the pressure distribution of the fourth-stage must be inconsistent (may also be piston ring wear, filter blockage and Cooler leaks, etc.). Replace the spare pressure gauge for further observation. If the above reasons are excluded, judge the valve. The temperature condition of the hand valve cover is the inhalation valve and the exhaust valve of the various levels, and the inhalation valve and the exhaust valve of the same level are compared respectively.

Since the temperature of the suction valve is the temperature at which the air is not compressed by the current stage, and the temperature of the exhaust valve is the temperature at which the air is compressed by the current stage and is not cooled by the cooler, the compression process generates a large amount of heat, so the temperature of the exhaust valve is significantly higher than Intake valve temperature (only the temperature difference between the same level).

If the temperature of the secondary suction valve cover is high, it means that the suction valve is not tightly sealed, and the gas after the secondary cylinder is compressed (higher temperature) flows back from the secondary suction valve to the first stage, resulting in a high temperature of the valve cover. It can be concluded that the secondary suction valve is faulty. Check if the replaced air valve can be reused. Check the valve for mechanical impurities, carbon deposits and small spring wires to check whether there are radial scattering marks and seal with kerosene.

No matter what kind of original kind causes the valve failure, the valve will not be sealed tightly and will not work, which will affect the normal operation of the air compressor. Therefore, correctly determining the failure of the gas valve can prevent the malfunction from expanding and causing a vicious accident, that is, ensuring safe production and winning the inspection time. â–¡ Mine hoist winch is an essential lifting device for mining enterprises, and its safe operation is very important. To this end, the winch is provided with various protections, in which the user often ignores the protection of the brake shoe gap.

Lifting the winch is achieved by means of a brake. During the operation, the braking force is generated by the friction between the brake shoe and the brake wheel or the brake disc, so the brake shoe is a wearable part. When the wear reaches the limit, the screw of the fixed brake shoe and the brake wheel or The brake discs are rubbed to create grooves and reduce the braking torque.

Nylon cage Self-aligning ball bearings are one type of Self-aligning Ball Bearing. Include two rows of balls, the ATN nylon cage, the inner ring, and the outer ring with a common concave sphered raceway. Self-aligning Ball Bearing have a sphere raceway in the outer ring and a double raceway in the inner ring. This feature give the bearings their self-aligning property, permitting angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing. Nylon cage self-aligning ball bearings are therefore particularly suitable for applications where misalignment can arise from errors in mounting or from shaft deflection. Double row self-aligning ball bearings are mainly used to carry radial loads and light axial loads, but cann't carry pure axial loads.

Nylon Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing


Mainly bear radial load, and can bear smaller axial load. Axis (shell) axial displacement limit in the clearance limits, the heart performance is automatically adjusted, normal work allows the inner and outer relatively small tilt conditions, suitable for bearing hole can not strictly ensure the concentricity. Self-aligning ball bearings are consequently self-aligning and insensitive to shaft deflections and angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, It is particularly suitable for applications where considerable shaft deflections or misalignment are to be expected.



Main Application

Owning to its specific structure, the self aligning ball bearing can be used in some relative field and some general lines.For example, Self-Aligning Ball Bearing applies to carry heavy load and impact load. Mine machine, port hoisting machine, port transfer equipment.


Main Models:

1308ATN – 1316 ATN Nylon Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing
 Nylon Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing

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Nylon Cage Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

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