Solar battery is hard to gain in the four seasons

Solar battery is hard to gain in the four seasons

In view of the solar market conditions, the Taiwan Plant believes that due to the impact of the new US dual counter-products, the current gross profit margin of the battery business is only marginal or even negative. As for wafer plants such as New Energy, gross profit performance is even worse.

Therefore, it is not easy for a battery plant including Moody to make a profit in the fourth quarter.

The Institute of Industrial Economics and Trends (IEK) of the Industrial Technology Research Institute pointed out on the 19th that the two major factors of US new anti-doubles and QE exits and follow-up triggering effects will cause major changes to the global solar energy industry. In the future, manufacturers on both sides of the strait may transfer their production bases or develop other areas to deepen their risks and reduce market concentration risks. In addition, fierce price competition may trigger a new wave of streamlining, consolidation, and alliance in the industry chain. At the same time, emerging markets are likely to exit the United States because of quantitative easing, hot money returns, and investment in solar photovoltaics will weaken.

Battery makers said that if the US anti-dumping final judgment rate announced in December is further reduced, allowing Taiwanese companies to once again have the opportunity to enter the US market, in addition to the increase in shipments, it can also ease the current industry competition, grabbing orders from outside the United States. Happening.

According to industry sources, besides continuing to fight for a reduction in the final anti-dumping tax rate, Taiwanese companies are also actively seeking that the final US International Trade Commission’s (ITC) industry damage investigation can determine that there is no damage and that the entire investigation will be reversed.

Brief Introduction:

Mobile Cone Crusher is mainly composed of high-performance Cone Crusher , high-performance vibrating screen, belt conveyor, electric motor and control cabinet. The whole Mobile Crushing Plant adopts integrated installation and coordinating work, which fully represents its advantages of convenience and flexibility. Tyre mobile cone crusher is suitable to be used in fine crushing field for producing sand and stone products with high hardness and fine granularity. According to the specific needs, the equipped cone crusher can be adjusted to different types of crushing chambers, thus expanding the use field and application ranges of tyre mobile cone crusher.

Wheeled mounted mobile cone crusher is widely used in mine, coal and for the recycling and reuse of trash and construction waste as well as urban infrastructure construction, road or construction site, and it is also suitable for the artificial sand making with river cobble, hillstone, mineral tailing and aggregate chips.

Mobile Cone Crusher


1. Tyre mobile cone crusher has such features as high crushing efficiency, light and reasonable structure design and outstanding crushing performance.

2. The crushing cavity can be adjusted, thus expanding its use field and application ranges.

3. The whole Mobile Crusher adopts integrated installation and coordinating work, which fully represents its advantages of convenience and flexibility.

4. Wheeled mobile cone crusher has strong processing capacity and can satisfy the crushing and screening requirement of coarse, medium and fine materials, so that it sets up a good quality reputation for the customers at home and abroad.

Technical Parameters:

Model Transport length (mm) Transport width (mm) Transport height (mm) Max.height (mm) Max. width (mm) Belt Conveyor height (mm) Total weight (t)
ZDY3S1548C900 12500 2550 4300 6400 2800 4000 43
ZDY3S1848C1200 12500 2800 4500 6700 3000 4000 59
ZDY3S1860C160 14000 2800 4500 6700 3000 4200 56
Model Vibrating Screen Cone crusher Belt conveyor capacity (t/h) Power(kw)
ZDY3S1548C900 3YK1548 PYB900 B500×7m 50-200 75.5
ZDY3S1848C1200 3YK1848 PYB1200 B650×7m 70-300 140
ZDY3S1860C160 3YK1860 4 1/4' B650×8m 120-400 193

Mobile Cone Crusher

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