It is predicted that the proportion of LED lighting shipments in Japan will reach 100 in 2020.

Japan is a country with a fairly rapid development of LED lighting in the world. Although the annual growth rate of LED bulbs has stagnated or even declined, the use of fluorescent lighting in this area is as high as 63.5, and LED tube shipments will continue to grow. According to professional institutions, the LED lighting market in the region will reach 507.8 billion yen (about 4.5 billion US dollars) in 2015, and the annual growth rate will reach 13.2, accounting for 79% of the overall lighting market. Therefore, in the next few years It is not difficult for LED lighting to achieve the annual shipment penetration rate of 100 targets. If we observe the recent development of the Japanese LED lighting market, the proportion of the overall lighting market will reach 71.6 in 2014, which is higher than the global proportion of 22.4. Among them, the introduction of LEDs into residential applications is faster (compared to the business market). In addition, the price of LED bulbs and lamps in the district was stable in each month of 2014. The example of lamps was between 9,000 and 10,300 yen, which indicates that the price is generally acceptable to Japanese consumers. In terms of long-term development, the Japanese industry and academia set the target for penetration of LED lighting shipments in 2020 to reach 100, which will be higher than the global weight of 70, and the penetration rate will reach 50. In other words, the Japanese lighting market Of the total 945 million lamps, 470 million will be replaced with LED lighting. Since the penetration rate of the Japanese LED lighting market reached 70% in 2014, the lighting industry will not expand its market share by drastically reducing prices, but instead focus on LED lighting technology, quality, and product added value. Among them, the added value of products is combined with the HEMS system; taking the district as an example, the number of households importing HEMS has reached 500,000 in 2013, and the future target will be expanded to 5 million, which will be used for the expansion of LED lighting. Help.

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