·Sales and auto-dimension policy adjustment or zero-to-zero ratio is reasonable

Recently, China Insurance Industry Association and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the two associations) jointly released the second batch of research results of common domestic vehicle models in Beijing, involving 18 models. So far, this year the two associations have publicly disclosed the latest zero-ratio data of 36 common models in China. Among the 18 new models added, the vehicle zero ratio coefficient is 719.75% for Renault Koleo and the lowest is 230.98%.
Although there is no such ratio as the first batch of 18 common models, the maximum ratio of up to 1273%, but the second batch of 18 models, up to 719% of the zero ratio, is still somewhat unreasonable, because the international model parts The ratio of the sum of the prices to the sales price of the whole vehicle is 2-3 times.
Four major reasons for the car to zero ratio is high. Some car market critics believe that after half a year, the price of auto parts is high, and the after-sales market still has a huge profit situation, which is caused by many reasons. In addition to the inherent shortcomings of the "Automobile Brand Sales Management Implementation Measures", it is also that consumers are irrational, market competition is not sufficient, and manufacturers should make a show.
In the automobile industry in Dazhou for nearly 6 years, Mr. Ren, a current 4S shop executive in Dazhou, and a reporter from Huaxi City, said: “At present, consumer behavior is still immature, and the proportion of first-time car purchases is the majority. It is easy to sell because of models. The heat affects one's choice. Some consumers only buy expensive ones and don't buy them right, blindly follow the trend, which encourages the upstream manufacturers of this industry chain to have no fear, resulting in zero uniformity."
Insufficient market competition, lack of matching production capacity and market demand, and insufficient supply of some popular models have made automakers ignore the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and squander improper profits in the aftermarket.
Under the anti-monopoly pressure of the auto market this year, some manufacturers have lowered the price of a pair of low-replacement engines and gearbox assemblies in order to avoid being suppressed, and the prices of the frequently-changing consumables are not adjusted or even increased. In the "Huaxi Dazhou Che Youhui", a Passat rider said: The anti-monopoly movement is so big, some car companies have also adjusted the price of spare parts, but they have not experienced the recent 4S shop repairing cars. When the cost of repairing a car is reduced, it is sometimes found that the cost of repairing a car does not fall.
On the whole, the healthy ecology of the automotive aftermarket will depend on the maturity of consumers, the adequacy of market competition, and the development of automobile maintenance companies in various formats.
Policy adjustment or rationalization of automobile zero ratio in September 2014, Ministry of Transport, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine The 10 ministries and commissions of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrade of the Automobile Maintenance Industry and Improving the Service Quality", requiring "to break the monopoly of maintenance parts channels, and encourage the original parts manufacturers to provide original parts and own products to the automotive aftermarket." Independent after-sales accessories for brands, trademarks or logos; encourage authorized maintenance companies to resell and provide original parts to unauthorized repair companies; “establish and implement auto maintenance technology information disclosure system to ensure that all maintenance companies have equal access to auto production vehicles The right to repair technical information" and so on.
Breaking the monopoly of manufacturers on accessories, in the case of the government's effective supervision of the parts market, consumers have the right to choose the right to buy the corresponding brand accessories and to purchase the original parts with more reliable quality. At the same time, clearing the barriers that hinder the development of the auto repair industry, establishing a diversified supply channel for accessories, making the industry more competitive, the role of the market main body is greater, and consumers have a variety of options that can enjoy the same reliable maintenance services.
The rise of auto repair companies outside the 4S format will change the after-sales market horror of repairs and accessories profits far exceeding the profit of vehicle sales, forcing the model to return to zero rationality and truly benefit consumers.
The complete solution to the zero-to-period ratio is “the ill-health”. Article 25 of the “Implementation Measures for the Management of Automobile Brand Sales”: “Automobile brand dealers should engage in automobile brand sales, after-sales service, and accessories within the scope authorized by the automobile supplier. The relevant provisions of the supply and other activities have been revised to break the vertical monopoly.
Since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of China's automobile production and sales has slowed down, and the overcapacity of automobile production has sounded the alarm. The competition among major manufacturers for the market will become increasingly fierce. From the perspective of sustainable management, if car companies want to attract potential customers, retain old customers and increase their brand loyalty, they must reduce the vehicle zero ratio to a level that everyone expects.

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