New directions for the development of the drying equipment industry

We know that the drying of materials is often due to one or more of the following reasons: to make the material flowable, easy to handle, easy to store and store, to reduce transportation costs, and to obtain the desired product quality. In the production process, due to the need for further improvement in equipment quality, supporting components, and basic research, conventional drying is still the main form of drying.
As each kind of drying has its own advantages and application scope, combined drying will be the trend of future development. Next, Xiao Bian first and everyone together to understand and explore the following conventional mechanical drying equipment:
The boiling granulation dryer, commonly known as the domestic one-step granulator, was designed after the introduction of foreign products of the same type in the 1980s and was designed after digestion, absorption and improvement. Due to its simple operation, superior performance and excellent manufacturing, the equipment can meet the requirements of GMP regulations for the pharmaceutical and food industries, and is welcomed by users in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The device is especially suitable for drying and granulating Chinese and Western medicines and foods. The obtained particles have strong disintegration degree, good fluidity and fast dissolving property, and can be directly used for tableting, filling capsules, granules and solid beverages.
Centrifugal spray dryers have achieved ideal application results in dyes, dairy products and other fields. Over the years, the equipment has been widely used, and the level of technology and manufacturing quality have made great strides. In recent years, large-scale centrifugal spray dryers have also received attention in the application of flue gas desulfurization, and the development prospect cannot be ignored.
In fact, at present, no matter what kind of drying equipment, its development must also pay attention to energy saving and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as the use of various joint heating methods, transplantation of heat pump and heat pipe technology, development of solar dryers, etc.; also the development of automatic drying control technology In order to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions; In addition, as people attach importance to environmental protection, improve the dryer's environmental protection measures to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas, etc., will also need to be in-depth research direction.
At present, compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap between the quality and technical level of domestic products. Therefore, China's drying equipment manufacturers still need to learn from international advanced technology, combined with practical experience, the development of new technologies, to achieve high economic efficiency and integration of China's drying equipment.

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